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CX Beyond 2020: New Rules for Customer Engagement & Agent Empowerment

Contact Center technology is changing rapidly, and volume spikes are becoming more common and unpredictable. Throwing more people at the problem will not work. Businesses need to leverage emerging technology and strategies to create personalized self-service channels, drive employee efficiency, and enable remarkable customer experiences – especially during volume spikes. Covid-19 has forced many agents and supervisors to work from home. They need to be equipped with a streamlined, intuitive, and automated omnichannel agent experience that places the actions and information they need at their fingertips.

Access the webinar to learn how to:

  • Minimize the impact of unexpected disruptions in your contact center ​
  • Improve resolution time and prevent a drop in CSAT scores​
  • Align the employee experience to combat spikes-in-volume and work-from-home challenges​
  • Exceed customer expectations with personalized self-service and call deflection ​
  • Limit customer abandonment rates ​with emerging technologies
  • Mitigate poor experiences due to the rapid speed of change in customer engagement
  • Create the omnichannel experience your customers want today while building a foundation for the future

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