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Solution Customer Journey Mapping

In order to deliver quality experiences, it is important to fully understand the paths your customers take to interact with your business. How can you chart these customer pathways? Journey mapping is a critical first step.

We Bring Your Customer Journeys to Life

Journey maps are visual representations of the steps a customer takes to interact with your brand. Effective journey maps shed light on individual experiences and can help your team gain a higher-level understanding of potential roadblocks or pain points your customers may encounter along the way. We help you create the data-driven journey maps you need to understand, improve and design customer experiences.

Selecting a Journey

The process of creating a journey map starts with selecting a journey to visualize. You may consider mapping a common journey, one that needs work or one that you feel has a competitive threat. Our team helps you review and select the journeys that should be mapped now, and those that should be mapped in the future.

Identifying Personas

Once the journey has been identified, it is important to review all available data to determine ‘who’ is most likely taking this journey with you. In other words, who are the most likely customers to take this journey? We help you gather and review the data needed to create a persona that helps you better understand the mindset of customers active in the journey.

Creating Depth

To be useful for the CX design process, your journey map must be content rich based specifically on that persona and the journey they are on. There are several sources to mine for useful journey mapping data, including customer analytics, digital analytics, contact center recordings, survey data, behavioral research and empathy building exercises. Our team offers the guidance you need to identify and gather useful data, then translate that information into your journey map.

Cross Functional Teamwork

Throughout their journey, your customer is likely to interact with several channels or departments within your organization. This makes it important to include a cross functional team during the journey mapping process – without the perspectives of everyone involved in the customer’s journey, your journey map will be incomplete. We facilitate journey mapping workshops to ensure the effective participation of all stakeholders.

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