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Problem Getting to Know a Customer’s Entire Journey

CX Transformation

How do I map out the entire customer journey?

Many organizations are prescribing the customer journey based on pre-conceived notions or dated research. We work with your customers directly to understand the overall process by which they engage your brand across time, need, and channel to piece together the entire ecosystem of customer interactions.

CX Orchestration

What are the most effective ways to view the customer touchpoints, both historically and in real-time?

Too often, we see businesses with different places to store information. To effectively use the insights of a customer journey, the data collected must be stored in a single location to create a sole source of truth. Avtex works to put in place a 360-degree view of the customer through CRM platforms that are open to serve up data at the right time across any existing client system.


Customers have more access to organizations than ever before. There are no ‘assigned’ times in the day when the customer journey starts or ends, it’s a continuous and ever evolving path. Therefore, the way that brands track and collect data about their customers needs to be planned for scale and allow flexibility to accept new inputs over time. The complexity of the customer journey will only increase as technological developments allow for cheaper and more integrated connections.

Map your customers' journeys with custom innovations and offerings from Avtex.

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