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Problem Ensuring Customer Needs are Met

CX Transformation

Are we meeting our customers needs?

There are multiple ways to collect customer feedback, both directly and indirectly. Putting programs in place to understand customer needs is critical to knowing if you’re meeting expectations. Sometimes getting to the right level of insight can be challenging. Avtex voice of the customer (VoC) experts have experience drafting questions that get to the heart of consumer desires. We can help gather the knowledge your organization requires to meet customer needs.

CX Orchestration

How do we proactively communicate with customers?

Coordinated communication is required to understand when to be proactive vs reactive with customers. Coordination not just with internal employees, but coordination of systems as well. Are the email delivery tools or marketing automation engines pulling data from the CRM? Is your contact center integrated across digital and voice channels to push and pull relevant conversations? Your organization needs to think holistically about how customers are engaged, then use AI and advanced analytics to find the right points for proactive engagements.


Customers need many things that are tied to the experience, not just getting help with a specific issue. The need to feel connected to the products and services they consume. The need to feel validated in a purchase decision. The need to feel confident that any issues will be taken care of without much effort. All of these feelings relate to the crafting of an experience that doesn’t stop after a single interaction. We call this “finishing the experience.” This may mean putting rewards programs in place or collecting feedback about particular engagements. The ways you finish the experience will be determined by your goals and your customers’ needs.

Ensure customer needs are met with custom innovations and offerings from Avtex.

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