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Innovation LaunchPad for Marketing

Your customers expect every interaction to be easy, fast, and secure. Through CX expertise and cutting-edge technology, Avtex and Microsoft provide marketing and customer journey solutions that put your customers at the core of every interaction and drive results for your business.

What is LaunchPad for Marketing?

LaunchPad for Marketing is a custom-built strategy for improving your marketing, interaction, and journey outcomes. Avtex CX experts will meet with your business leaders to uncover challenges and opportunities within your current marketing strategies and come up with a plan for enhancing the overall experience for your customers and staff.

With Avtex's expert consultants and Microsoft's cutting-edge technology solutions, we empower our clients to deepen relationships, improve efficiencies, and drive results throughout the customer lifecycle.

6 weeks

Our rapid-start methodology gets your new marketing program up and running in just 6 weeks.

LaunchPad for Marketing Capabilities

Customer Journeys

Orchestrate more personalized marketing and content journeys for your customers

Campaign Automation

Develop and automate dynamic, multi-channel marketing campaigns

Data Analytics

Optimize customer data collection, analytics, and reporting

Lead Scoring

Establish a scoring methodology to better qualify and nurture leads, and to generate more sales opportunities

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI for decision making, customer data use. and marketing automation

Customer Insights

Automate insights on your customers and customer segments to personalize experiences and amplify marketing and sales efforts

Want a sneak preview of how LaunchPad for Marketing can amplify your business?

Sing-up for our two-day workshop

Personalized, impactful marketing is hard. Avtex makes it easier.

For over 45 years, Avtex has been helping build customer experiences (CX) that drive loyalty, retention and sales. Through thoughtful planning and the best technology, we can help your business:

  • Transform interactions into exceptional experiences
  • Build memorable journeys across all touchpoints
  • Inform decisions with customer data
  • Personalize experiences and drive results
  • Convert prospects into loyal customers
  • Reduce friction for customers and staff

Want to create next-gen marketing strategies, with a CX mindset?

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