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Case Study Chipotle

Chipotle Partners with Avtex to Strengthen Customer Relationships and Drive Loyalty

Chipotle Avtex Case Study Image

The Problem

Delivering a brand experience that consistently drives customer loyalty and sales is a logistical challenge faced by even the most successful organizations. Chipotle, a trailblazer in the food industry and pioneer in fast-casual restaurant experience, is no exception. Chipotle seeks to deliver brand loyalty through developing and nurturing strong relationships with their customers. Chipotle turned to Avtex to build a solution that would capture and analyze more comprehensive customer information and insights, to empower a more meaningful and personalized customer experience with every individual engaging with their brand.


The Solution

Through expert consultation and implementation of Microsoft Customer Insights, Avtex helped Chipotle build systems and processes that would help them to translate data into actionable insights on their customer and segments. The work done by Avtex has yielded significant benefits for Chipotle, which have been felt across the entire organization. As a result of this joint partnership, Chipotle has amplified their ability to deliver richer, more meaningful experiences that support customer loyalty, retention and brand advocacy.

Avtex put in a lot of work to figure out what it was that Chipotle wanted from them and determine how they could best support those needs. We have really enjoyed the collaboration we’ve received from Avtex and look forward to continuing this relationship with them.
Sashi Kommineni, Director of Enterprise Analytics | Chipotle Mexican Grill

Through merging of over 400 million records, Chipotle projects as much as $280 million in annual sales revenue growth as a result of activating as much as 34% in newly uncovered customers and cross-sales opportunities.

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