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The SmartApps suite continues to provide new capabilities to increase the overall member experience a credit union offers while empowering agents with the tools to streamline the engagement. SmartApps is a full-feature app suite with multiple applications that work together with your core to expand and improve on the behaviors and actions your credit union currently executes. For more information about the SmartApps suite's apps, read our first post in this series "What is Smart Apps for Credit Unions?"

Integrating technology into the processes your credit union already has in place can be a daunting exercise. Ideally, you want to find technology that enhances the experience you already provide while also creating new opportunities to exceed the expectations of your members. To do this, you must establish what objectives your business is trying to satisfy with technology and which specific aspects of your operations you want the technology to impact.

Examine some of the possible objectives your credit union might be considering when looking into transforming their processes

"We Want to Provide Exceptional Member Experiences"

One way to provide exceptional member experiences is to reduce the time and effort it takes a member to receive the service they need. This can be accomplished in various ways, including streamlining your authentication process and providing new service options to meet members where they're at.

Utilizing apps such as SmartInfo and SmartScreenPop, which enable an agent to quickly authenticate a member before the live interaction has even started, prevents time-consuming redundancies for a member. Members are now only asked once to confirm or provide authentication data and can then begin accessing their financial information. Pairing this functionality with SmartTeller ensures that the member does not have to reauthenticate when transferred internally because their data is passed with them from agent to agent.

At Avtex, we have designed the SmartApps suite to enable frictionless experiences at every touchpoint. Each of the apps will provide a significant benefit to both your credit union and its members. The applications in the suite will allow your agents to better serve members and avoid being weighed down by inefficient processes.

"We Want to Improve Fraud Detection"

Every member of a credit union is appreciative of the actions taken to prevent fraudulent access or use of their accounts. Unfortunately, fraud protections can harm a member’s experience. Being asked to repeat information with each new agent or having to provide information not readily accessible can create tension and feelings of frustration for your members.

An app like SmartTrack automatically logs all member authentications and interactions and performs real-time analysis to identify fraudulent activity. The application identifies and prevents any repeating offenders who may attempt another communication after being shut down the first time. This allows members to provide information less frequently while providing higher protection for their personal information and financial accounts.

When paired with SmartTarget, the two apps provide comprehensive fraud prevention. SmartTarget routes members back to agents they have already worked with, allowing agents to become familiar with a member's history and know when someone is attempting to access the account fraudulently. An agent who is familiar with a member is more likely to recognize the different behavior of a member when someone is impersonating them.

"We Want to Provide Better Agent Experience"

Your agents are on the frontlines of providing better experiences for your members. They spend every day helping your members access the information they need to make decisions about their financial well-being. These agents are integral in the success and growth of your credit union’s reputation, as well as the loyalty and retention of your members.

Utilizing apps such as SmartTrack or SmartScreenPop, which automate the manual processes involved with member information, creates a frictionless experience for your agents. This way, your agents can focus on building relationships with your members instead of inputting member data. This provides them with more fulfilling daily activities and member interactions, which will impact their ability to continually create exceptional experiences.

How can Your Credit Union Benefit from SmartApps?

The SmartApps suite offers a wealth of benefits to credit unions of all sizes and focus. With SmartApps, your credit union will have greater opportunities for the transformation of internal processes. This allows for previously detrimental behaviors to be eradicated and for agents to spend more time ensuring your members are taken care of in every way possible. The impact of this transformation is seamless interactions at every touchpoint and the elimination of frustration members may have been experiencing.

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