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Happy CX Day 2021

Every year on the first Tuesday in October, the customer experience community celebrates the people and companies that make great customer experiences happen. We have the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) to thank for encouraging CX leaders and professionals to honor this discipline.

While we obsess over customer experiences each and every day at Avtex, CX Day presents a unique opportunity to reflect on what CX really means, celebrate CX victories – big and small, and honor all the people that play a crucial role in delivering the seamless, frictionless experiences we’ve come to know and love.

So, What Does CX Mean and Why Are We Celebrating It?

Every experience your customer has with your brand is an opportunity to build a relationship or lose one. It’s an opportunity to show your customers you know them, value them, and are happy to help them.

The customer experience umbrella covers a lot of ground and includes elements like customer service, first-touch marketing, website interactions, social media engagement and more. There’s a web of complexity when it comes to what’s involved in customer experience, but put simply, customer experience is your customers’ holistic perception of their experience with your brand throughout all aspects of their journey.

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We’re celebrating CX Day for a lot of reasons, but one of the most important things to understand is that CX is now one of the most sought after differentiators in essentially every industry. In fact, two years ago Gartner released a study that found that 81% of businesses competed mostly or completely on the basis of experience – and that number is certainly higher today.

In today’s economy your competition isn’t just your direct or indirect competitors. Your competition is the last best experience your customer had with any organization – regardless of the industry they’re in or the products they sell. When customers interact with your brand, they’re comparing that experience to whatever brand interaction is most recent, memorable, and positive for them. To celebrate CX Day with us, we’d love to hear a story of your own Last Best Experience. You can submit one here.

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Who Plays a Role In Delivering Exceptional CX?

CXPA’s theme for CX Day this year is CX is a Team Sport, and for good reason. Every person in an organization has a role to play in delivering excellent customer experiences. While we might think of customer service representatives or contact center agents as the face of customer experience, it goes much deeper than that.

From product design, to business strategy, to IT, to leadership, every person in your organization should be working together to prioritize your customers. Afterall, without them you wouldn’t be in business.

The effort that goes into fueling exceptional experience benefits everyone as well. A great customer experience doesn’t solely benefit your customer. Great customer experiences give marketers better insights into customers to personalize campaigns, gives salespeople the opportunity to close more deals, makes recruiting easier on HR professionals, and provides greater job fulfillment and workplace happiness for agents.

The more efficient and seamless your customer experience is, the easier it is for your employees to do their jobs.

At Avtex, we’ve been obsessing over customer experience since before it was even called customer experience. We love the premise of CX Day and believe exceptional customer experiences should be celebrated day in and day out. Hats off to all the individuals and companies who work to put their customers first and promote better brand and consumer interactions – today we celebrate you.

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