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Outperform Your Healthcare Competitors With Patient Experience Strategy

Investments in digital care drive revenue

Those with eyes on the healthcare industry know that now is the time to invest in a strong patient experience strategy. We've shown that traditional brands, as well as venture capitalists, are seizing the opportunity to invest in digital health - delivering personalized, consistent care while driving revenue by building patient loyalty. For a healthcare provider or payer watching all this activity, the good news is that investments in experience strategy are paying off. Our research shows that CX leaders significantly outperform their competitors in the market by a significant margin.

A clear path forward for healthcare brands

Additionally, there is a path for your organization to start creating seamless and differentiated experiences that excite your patients or ease their burdens. To start this journey, we recommend that healthcare organizations follow the three-step process that we at Avtex refer to as, "Know me, Help me, Value Me."

There is no “average” patient, and to know your patients, healthcare brands must first challenge their own assumptions. By truly digging deep and examining patient motivations and pain points, you will quickly realize that each segment of a population has unique needs and preferences, not only about the services and products you provide, but also around the gaps in your services. For instance, our whitepaper, Measuring Patient Sentiment in the Face of COVID-19, shows that a millennial patient may prefer to conduct their health care via chatbots and online sessions, whereas a Medicare beneficiary may prefer a brick-and-mortar location for their health and wellness care.

Only by understanding the needs and preferences of your patients can you truly help them. In clinical care, this is known as shared decision making - the process by which patient and provider partner together on the care package to ensure clinical efficacy and patient adherence. From a digital health perspective, this means empowering patient decision making, and embracing this empowerment as they interact with your IVR (Interactive Voice Response), chat bot, patient portal, and other interaction channels.  To do this effectively, this means delivering informative content that is personalized, trusted and easy to understand. Finally, a clear and concise call to action will help patients complete their healthcare journey.

The last step to providing differentiated healthcare experiences is ensuring that your services demonstrate how much you value your patients. This means more than offering a memorable touch like the famous cookies from DoubleTree hotels - as real demonstration of value means guiding patients, how they want, from the moment they reach your physical or digital front door to the moment they leave. By predicting, preparing and delivering experiences and solutions that solve the pain points of your customers shows that you have put in the time and effort to know and help them on their journey.

By making investments into your patient experience strategy, you can create a relationship with your patients centered on trust - providing a continuous and thorough journey that wins their loyalty, ultimately increasing revenue and enhancing the health of your patients. Investment means innovating your experiences based on patient preferences, technological solutions to meeting the patients where they are, not focusing only on where you want them to go.

A trusted partner for your patient experience needs

Creating seamless and differentiated experiences for your patients is critical, now more than ever, to keeping your patients. As the offerings of retail and digital-first healthcare providers continually offer alternative experiences, competition for patients is fiercer than ever, and the right partner can make all the difference in the success of your patient experience strategy.

Avtex is here to help. As a industry leader in patient experience, we bring the technology, expertise and passion needed to help your healthcare organization adapt and meet changing demands while keeping the patient experience a top priority. Contact us today to get started on the evolution of your patient experience program.

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