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Moving to the cloud prepares organizations to provide modern omnichannel experiences. This is partly due to the flexibility the cloud offers in work location, application availability and agent talent pool. Additionally, the cloud offers a greater ability to interconnect your organization’s applications.

However, these are not all the benefits the cloud has to offer. When businesses face crises like natural disasters, employee displacement and pandemics, such as COVID-19, a cloud-based contact center can move with an agility not possible in traditional organizations. We've recently helped a number of clients explore the potential of cloud based contact centers. Their experiences in embracing the cloud may serve as inspiration for your business.

Customer Experiences That Prove the Value of Moving to the Cloud

LifeGift is the designated organ procurement organization for north, southeast, and west Texas. Due to the importance of communication in organ procurement and the role its contact center plays in supporting that activity, LifeGift decided it was time to move to the cloud and chose Avtex as its cloud implementation partner.

Migrating to the Genesys Cloud platform wasn’t going to be a simple transfer. The process would require need stellar communication, clear timelines and a comprehensive strategy. Avtex worked closely with LifeGift to overcome these challenges and made the journey smoother by identifying risks early on and including proactive solutions in its implementation plan.

Learn how Avtex helped LifeGift navigate their contact center to the cloud

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Helping Our Clients Elevate Their Member Experience

The Winston-Salem based Truliant Federal Credit Union selected Avtex to help transform their member experience strategy and the content ecosystem that supports it. Truliant’s goal is to provide service on par with national brands while expanding its product and service capabilities.

Truliant recognizes the impact each customer experience has on their brand and, ultimately, the success of their business. For that reason, one of the first phases of their work with Avtex will be to overhaul the telephony environment. This will help bring all communication into a central hub and improve contact center functionality. How will Avtex help Truliant upgrade communication?

Leveraging tools like Avtex Smart Apps and PureConnect, Truliant will enhance security processes like authentication and fraud detection and improve member experience. Additionally, Avtex will help Truliant identify member pain points and create comprehensive plans for improving CX across the board.

Improving Customer Experience Requires Commitment from Leadership

As we’ve seen in the cases of LifeGift and Truliant, leadership was fully committed to improving their customer experience. This allowed them to take big steps towards improvements that included overhauling current systems, changing the way their employees work and prioritizing the cloud.

If you run a contact center, you may be thinking of your organization’s future and how to design the customer journey in a way that grows your business. The Avtex team is adept at finding your customers’ pain points and crafting strategies that improve CX. Are you ready to transform your customer experience?

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