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Creating seamless experiences that increase lead generation, strengthen your marketing capabilities, and expand your sales opportunities is integral to the success of your brand’s marketing efforts. Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you build more rewarding relationships and create engaging experiences for your customers or prospects.

At Avtex, we understand the power of delivering not only seamless interactions, but also an exceptional experience that pushes past customer expectations. These expectations are continually changing, making it important to meet your customers where they're at and get to know them at a much more intimate level.

Dynamics 365 Marketing enables your team to connect with customers on their preferred platforms and optimize communication to increase your campaign success and business prospects.

Create Multi-Channel Campaigns

Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to create multi-channel campaigns that go beyond email marketing. Create custom landing pages and forms and deliver personalized website experiences to enrich your campaign objectives. These items will all work together to drive deeper connection and communication with the prospects or customers that you are reaching.

For example, if you are directing customers to a recent webinar or white paper, Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you the freedom to build a landing page to house that content and require customers to fill out a form before accessing the content. This creates a seamless process from the first action to when they receive the content.

Manage Event Logistics

Organizing and publicizing your events can be extremely cumbersome when your management systems don't communicate with each other. Keeping all the information about your event venues, logistics, sessions and sponsors in one place prevents any lapses in communication and tracking. Through the Dynamics 365 Marketing platform, you can also generate an online event website where your attendees will be able to view all relevant information and register online.

Dynamics 365 Marketing also enables shared data across team accounts so you can coordinate throughout the event process and include event information in your other email marketing related campaigns. The ability to seamlessly share and integrate various event information into your marketing processes completely shifts the event management process.

Receive Insights and Reporting

One of the significant benefits of Dynamics 365 Marketing is the ability to analyze and document your MROI. Using dashboards and reports to track your marketing initiatives allows your team to track and report on their performance, in turn allowing you to demonstrate a return on your investment.

This information also gives your team an idea of your best lead sources and marketing activities by bringing together sales and marketing results to track campaign reach and impact. With a more holistic perspective on your data, marketing can concretely identify their contributions and influence.

Enable LinkedIn and Social Integration

Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to tap into LinkedIn's business prospects and import leads directly, enabling you to quickly target and connect with the right audience. You can spend time inside LinkedIn's lead tool, tracking down business prospects before integrating them into your prospecting campaign. These social integrations allow you to merge the locations you prospect for leads.

Integrate with Microsoft Technologies

Dynamics 365 Marketing also integrates with other Microsoft technologies to increase your functionality. You can create surveys through Microsoft Forms Pro and allow approvals with Power Automate when adding those technologies into your systems. You can also increase your customer insights and analytics through integrations with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Power BI.

Learn More

In our recent webinar Beyond Email Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365, we go more in-depth on the core benefits and capabilities of Dynamics 365 Marketing and examine under-utilized tactics that allow you to transcend traditional email marketing and demonstrate the real power of the marketing automation platform.

If your organization is interested in getting started with Dynamics 365 Marketing, Avtex is ready to work with you to find the right setup.

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