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As technology evolves so do the demands of your customers. Customers want to feel like your organization truly understands their pain points and can support their needs at every touchpoint. In a time when 80% of companies report seeing an uplift since implementing personalization (Forbes), failure to exceed customer expectations can stunt your organization's growth and have a severe impact on business.

At Avtex we understand the importance of creating exceptional customer experiences, and that the best companies are reinventing themselves according to this shift in attitudes. As reported by Forrester, experience-driven businesses see almost 2x higher year over year growth in customer retention, repeat purchase rates and customer lifetime value than competitors.

With the intelligence of Dynamics 365 Marketing, Avtex can help your organization personalize the customer journey, customize your marketing programs, and use sophisticated data analytics tools to track your successes all on one unified platform.

Avtex uses Dynamics 365 Marketing to facilitate collaboration, technology and expertise. We put your data at the core of every interaction. We understand the power of delivering not only seamless interactions, but also an exceptional experience that pushes past customer expectations, and here is how.

Drive Personalized Interactions

75% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers personalized services based on their individual preferences. 81% of buyers want brands to get to know them and understand when to approach and when to stand down. 91% of customers are more likely to shop with brands who provide relevant offers and recommendations. As you can see, understanding the customer journey and providing a hyper personalized service is more important than ever.

Avtex and Dynamics 365 Marketing help connect your team with your customers on their preferred platforms, which increases communication to improve campaign success and drive lead generation.

In combination with Microsoft’s latest release of real-time customer journey orchestration capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing, your team can better engage customers in real-time, build brand loyalty faster, personalize the customer experience with AI and build trust all on a unified, adaptable platform. These tools make it easier to gather, synthesize and leverage the customer data necessary to maintain closer relationships to your target audience.

Create Multi-Channel Campaigns

Dynamics 365 Marketing also allows you to create multi-channel campaigns that go beyond traditional email marketing. Avtex can show your team how to create custom landing pages and apply best practices to all your marketing efforts. Whether you need to enhance the user experience (UX) by enriching your campaign objectives or drive leads. All these channels work together to facilitate deeper connection and resonate effectively with your customers.

For example, if you are directing customers to a recent webinar or white paper, Dynamics 365 Marketing gives you the freedom to build an interactive landing page to house that content and collect lead contact information when they opt in to access the content. This creates a seamless process from the first action they take to when the content hits their inbox.

Throughout the entire implementation process, our experts at Avtex will share recommendations for building meaningful connections with your customers across the Dynamics 365 marketing channels that will drive value for your organization.

Track Insights and Key Data Points

One of the most common problems we see organizations struggle with is having scattered customer data and no insights to improve results. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing helps addresses this problem with its capability to analyze and document your ROI. By using dashboards and performance analytics to your team can view campaign reports and use that information inform future activities. Having tangible results will also help you demonstrate a return on investment when reporting up the chain of command.

Performance data is key to identifying your best lead sources, so that sales and marketing can understand campaign reach and impact. With a more holistic perspective on your data, the marketing team can then pinpoint their contributions, influence, and opportunities for improvement.

Enable LinkedIn and Social Integration

Another problem we see when new clients engage Avtex is that their tools and systems are disconnected. One way we combat this is by leveraging the integration features of the Microsoft technologies. For example, Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to tap into LinkedIn's business prospects and import leads directly, so you can quickly target and connect with the right audience. You can start by spending time inside LinkedIn's lead tool to track down business prospects and then integrate them into your prospecting campaign.

These social integrations help combine the locations you need to focus on when generating leads and helps fill the gaps so that no information is lost throughout the process.

Integrate with Microsoft Technologies

Dynamics 365 Marketing not only integrates with your different social platforms, but also with other technologies to increase your overall functionality. The unification of records into one customer profile provides a holistic, 360-degree view of your customer. Technology integration further ensures that your systems are talking to each other and that every interaction is accounted for. This is a crucial piece to achieve that unified customer profile and to maintain consistency as customer profiles move through the marketing funnel.

Additionally, you can leverage the benefits of the entire Microsoft Suite and tap into the expertise of our consultants at Avtex to set up surveys through Microsoft Forms Pro and approvals with Power Automate. By adding those technologies to your existing systems, you will be able to maximize results and build better campaigns going forward. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Power BI are also useful tools that provide you track key data analytics that are important when making business decisions.

Why Avtex?

For over 45 years, Avtex has been helping build stronger customer experiences that drive loyalty, retention, and sales. Powered by Dynamics 365 Marketing and expert consultants, we can help your business deliver exceptional experiences, build memorable journeys, inform your decisions with data and drive results.

If your organization is interested in getting started with Dynamics 365 Marketing, Avtex is ready to work with you to find the right setup for your team’s unique needs.

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