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Customer Service Insights: Using Dynamics 365 to Improve Customer Satisfaction

You’re already aware that customer satisfaction can make or break your reputation — and ultimately, your business. Happy customers become loyal brand advocates, making it easier to grow your customer base and build your bottom line.

One way to level-up your customer service game is to utilize a tool like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights. But before we jump into how you can leverage this software at your organization, let’s look at the risks associated with poor customer satisfaction.

Brand Reputation

Information spreads nowadays. And while happy customers can spread the word and drive growth, unhappy customers can do the same. Unfortunately, it’s the unhappy customers who are more likely to say something. According to Zendesk, 95% of customers will tell at least one other person about a negative customer service experience. What's worse, 54% of customers share bad experiences with at least five other people. When customers walk away unsatisfied, you might be advertising failure to a large audience, whether you know it or not.

A Culture of Negativity

When customers vent their frustrations, it’s usually to your employees on the front lines. This can lead to deep dissatisfaction at work and ultimately erode your workplace culture, causing breakdowns in every department, across every function of the business.

How Dynamics 365 Helps

With the right set of data and analytics tools, you can understand your customers and serve them better. That’s where Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights comes in.

Gain Critical Insights with AI

Customer Service Insights utilizes data from Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Omnichannel to help you understand your organization’s customer service performance and how to improve it. This technology also helps identify where your organization is producing the strongest customer experience.

User-friendly dashboards give you detailed reports on cases, agents and topics. You can see a breakdown of the overall number of customer support cases, which cases are still open or have been resolved, how long cases took, which ones escalated and more. This gives you exceptional insight into areas needing improvement.

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Enjoy Comprehensive Visibility into the Process

Customer Service Insights also offers the ability to access a high-level view of your brand’s general customer service performance metrics, including the number of conversations at a given time, the average wait time for customers, how many customers abandoned their sessions, how long the conversations lasted before the problem was solved, average customer sentiment, and more. This allows you to spot trends that are hurting the customer experience, and to catch emerging problems before they become larger issues.

Increase Your Operational Efficiency

Managers can also review customer service success on a specific channel, such as chat, SMS or social messaging. If you connect with customers through Omnichannel, Customer Service Insights can help your agents work more efficiently and your managers troubleshoot faster.

Customer Service Insights allows you to track agent conversations with customers in real-time, measuring the customer sentiment around each interaction. You can set alerts to go to agents or managers if the customer’s sentiment becomes negative, helping agents rescue what might otherwise spiral into a bad customer experience. This feature works with more than 40 languages, providing the flexibility you need in a diverse global business world.

As the conversation unfolds, AI auto-generates suggestions to the agent on knowledge articles and similar cases to provide insight into the current customer's problem. This saves agents from wasting time searching for information and keeps them from reinventing the wheel. That means faster operations and happier customers who feel confident in your agent's knowledge.

Supervisors can use this same feature to assess an agent’s performance in real time to identify areas of potential improvement for each agent and guide them in better serving customers.

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