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Becker's Healthcare: Solving Patient Experience Challenges Through a Strong Digital Front Door

“We know our patients expect us to provide the same digital experiences they receive in retail, banking, and travel—but we’re just not sure how to make that happen.”

I hear this struggle from providers all the time. Compared to many of the digital-native retail behemoths that set the standard for customer experiences, healthcare providers aren’t sure how to gain internal buy-in, organize their teams, and invest in new digital solutions that augment their in-person strategies.

To help uncover new strategies providers can use to strengthen their patient experiences, Avtex teamed up with Becker’s Healthcare and two leading providers—Advocate Aurora Healthcare and DispatchHealth—to explore how both providers created digital front doors that exceeded their patients’ high expectations, improved care outcomes, drove loyalty and acquisition, and future-proofed their growth strategy in today’s increasingly competitive healthcare environment.

See what Becker’s identified as the five most important provider takeaways from the peer-to-peer panel here.

Ready to start building your own digital front door strategy? Explore the toolkit.

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