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Enhancing the Employee Experience with Power Platform and Microsoft Teams

As we have explored through our Four-Phased Approach to Delivering CX During a Crisis series, technology and business processes play a critical role in enabling your employees to continue to do their jobs in a crisis. Implementing effective tools and solutions that support common business operations, and training your employees to use them effectively, will position you to respond well to unforeseen events.

During this webinar, we demonstrate how you can reinvent productivity, enhance employee experiences and empower efficient collaboration in a remote workforce by pairing Power Platform and Microsoft Teams.

During the Webinar You’ll Also:

  • Hear about the business and IT challenges impact by COVID-19
  • See how Microsoft Technologies are solving communication and productivity challenges facing the remote workforce today
  • Learn how to enable organization-wide digital transformation
  • Discover how to adapt processes and tools to empower remote workers using our Power Plays for Employee Experience.
  • See a demonstration on how to embed the apps and services you love into Teams.