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In the current environment, a company’s competitive advantage will come from a historically underdeveloped asset: the ability to capture and apply insights from your customers. Customers do not live their lives in the silo-like ways by which universities and businesses organize themselves. Yet, case study after case study demonstrates that how customers feel is the currency which consumers exchange to inform their decisions, but many firms fail to adjust. You will gain a better understanding of decision science, “the why of modern consumer behavior,” the driving forces behind purchasing, and how this fits into customer experience.

We are moving from ‘The Age of the Customer’ into ‘The New Expectation Economy’ where brand experience and customer experience are quickly blending together to meet and exceed customers increasing expectations.

Key Discussion Topics:

  • Why consumers make the decisions they do
  • Tools businesses need to figure out how to encourage your consumers to purchase
  • Best practices on connecting with your customers