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Solution Workplace Transformation

Employee expectations of their employers are vastly different from those of the past. Today, employees expect access to the tools and technology needed to communicate and collaborate, manage tasks and complete projects quickly and efficiently. How can you transform your business into the modern workplace your employees desire? Strategic planning, careful execution and a commitment to innovation are key.

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We Change the Way Your Employees Work

Propelling your business into the future requires careful planning and orchestration. Choosing the most viable solutions for your business can be a challenge given the wide range of collaboration and productivity tools available on the market today. Implementing these solutions, and ensuing they provide the functionality your employees need, is a complicated process.

We provide guidance on all aspects of workplace transformation.

Current State Assessment

Effective transformation requires a fundamental knowledge of today – knowing what tools or solutions are effective, and which ones aren’t, is critical to road-mapping improvements. We provide the objective perspective you need to conduct an honest assessment of your current productivity tools and processes.

Employee Persona Development

Every employee is different, both from a personal perspective, and from a productivity perspective. It’s important to keep this in mind when planning any workplace transformation effort. Developing a comprehensive set of employee personas will help you identify the tools that provide the most value and benefit across your entire organization.

Goal Setting

Many organizations make the mistake of attempting to effect transformation without clearly defined goals. This approach leaves you open to cost overruns, ineffective deployments and unsatisfied employees. We help you set clear and realistic goals, then develop a plan for achieving them.

Strategic Planning

A comprehensive action plan is critical to the success of your workplace transformation effort. Our team works with you to draft a plan that addresses all aspects of transformation, including solution selection, process development and more.

Technology Deployment

Implementing powerful productivity and collaboration tools, such as the Microsoft Office 365 suite, isn’t as simple as installing a few programs. To effectively deploy these solutions, it takes careful planning, knowledge of the technology, and attention to detail. We are experts in deploying enterprise technologies quickly and cost-effectively – all while limiting potential impact on end users.

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