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Solution Voice of the Customer

Customer Experience is all about meeting the expectations and needs of your customers and delivering the products or services they want. How can you gauge the effectiveness of your CX efforts from that all-important customer perspective? Implementing a Voice of the Customer program can help.

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We Help You Hear Your Customers

Voice of the Customer programs, or VoC, can help you better identify your customers’ needs and expectations, avoid brand-wide issues and strategize new products, services or processes. Our CX experts help you identify your VoC goals and develop a customized program to achieve them.

VoC Program Assessment

Is your program failing to live up to high expectations? Our VoC team can assess your existing program and put you back on track to a better customer experience.

VoC Program Build

If you don’t currently have a way to measure the voice of your customer, we can build one from the ground up. From defining your goals to executing the program, Avtex will help you every step of the way.

Managed Services

VoC programs take manpower to run. If you’re looking for additional support to keep your program running smoothly, we have the resources and expertise to maximize your program.

Are you utilizing insights from your existing VoC program to improve the customer journey?

Learn more about our VoC Program Assessment