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Solution Unified Communications Strategy

From customer facing agents to product development, every department and employee plays a crucial role in the delivery of exceptional Customer Experience. How can you ensure the accurate, consistent flow of information across departments? When those employees are working on different platforms and devices connected to different networks in different geographic locations, how can you provide the tools they need to communicate effectively? It starts with careful planning and the creation of a holistic unified communications strategy.

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At Avtex, we offer comprehensive unified communications consulting services with one main goal – to help you provide the truly effective communication and collaboration tools your employees deserve. Whether you need assistance optimizing a current UC solution or developing and implementing an entirely new strategy, we can help.

We Dig Deeper

Without thorough knowledge of your goals, your current UC strategies and your network, offering advice on an effective UC strategy is all but impossible. That’s why we work so hard to learn the ins and outs of your organization and your goals, both for today and for the future.

Our experts work with you to conduct a thorough review of your employees’ communications needs and expectations, their preferred devices, and your network. Using the insight gained during this deep discovery, we help you create a roadmap that addresses all aspects of your UC needs, including viable technology solutions, implementation strategies, training, device management, security and more.

Unparalleled Experience, Knowledge and Passion

The UC experts at Avtex possess an unparalleled amount of experience, knowledge and passion. This enables us to offer advice on even the most complex and challenging UC issues, such as regulatory compliance, process improvement, and strategies for integrating UC tools with other enterprise solutions.

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