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Solution Genesys Partnership

Avtex is proud to partner with Genesys to implement contact center technologies that support truly effective customer interactions.

Avtex + Genesys = Innovation

Leveraging the entire Genesys technology portfolio, Avtex is able to deliver customized solutions to address a number of client needs.

Thanks to our close partnership with Genesys, we are able to deliver innovative and customized solutions to clients.

Creating a contact center that meets the expectations of the modern consumer requires powerful technology and innovation. Avtex leverages the power of the Genesys technology ecosystem, combined with our own internally built solutions, to help clients build and maintain truly engaging and effective contact center environments.

To help you make the most of all that Genesys has to offer, we provide a wide range of services, including:

Custom Deployment

The deployment of any technology application is a complicated process. We offer the guidance and support you need to streamline the deployment of your new or updated contact center technology. By creating a custom roadmap for your deployment, we ensure that every detail is addressed and that the process is completed as quickly and effectively as possible.

Optimization and Customization

Making the most of your investment into a contact center platform is important, not only for your bottom line, but also for the customers you serve. We offer the guidance and support you need to customize your contact center technology environment to meet your specific needs and the needs of your customers.


Providing contact center agents access to mission-critical data is key to delivering quality customer interactions. We help you seamlessly integrate your contact center technology with CRM, SharePoint, customer portals and more to provide agents with single pane of glass access to critical data and functions.

Ongoing Support

Managing the technical aspects of a complex software environment can be difficult. As a certified managed services provider for Genesys solutions, we offer the support you need to keep your contact center running at peak performance. Choose the level of support that fits your organization’s unique needs, from full management to issue resolution.

The partnership between Avtex and Genesys makes it possible to transform a simple contact center into a true engagement hub.

Case Study

3 people sitting on headsets talking


Netgain’s mission is to improve the patient experience by managing the IT operations of healthcare providers nationwide. Time is of the essence, and it is crucial issues are handled on the first call. Netgain strives to provide exceptional client service, and their legacy phone system was not meeting their high standards. Analysts found they were spending unnecessary time gathering information as to who was calling, adding precious seconds to each call.

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