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Solution Future State Customer Journey Mapping

Effectively transforming customer journeys requires a clear plan of action. How can you clearly define the journey you wish to create? A future state journey map provides a visual representation of your end goals.

We Help You Define the Future

A future state journey map can serve as visual inspiration for the organization and may act as a useful artifact during resource and capabilities planning. The process also offers the opportunity to explore various potential experiences, and to identify viable strategies for delivering the best possible journey to your customers. We guide you through future state journey mapping exercises to help you create a clear and actionable plan for your new experience.

Visual Inspiration

Creating a visual representation of the journey you wish to create can help to inspire your team. As the journey is laid out, staff members will likely begin to understand their role in the new experience and are more likely to buy-in to its creation. This visual representation is also useful when presenting the new journey to leadership. Displaying the visual map in a place where everyone can see it will inspire the organization to think and work differently, and will give the entire organization a common goal.

Informed Planning

Your future state journey map should lay out the path your customer takes to interact with you, including the channels, solutions and departments supporting each touchpoint. Clearly defining the technologies and staff involved in the journey enables you to identify capabilities gaps and create plans for addressing them.

Experience Development

When creating a future state journey map, it is important to involve members from various departments throughout your organization, especially those responsible for taking on the work of building out the experience. By involving multiple departments in the journey planning process, you benefit from the varied viewpoints each brings to the table. This can help to identify weaknesses in the planned journey and help fully develop the experience.

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