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Solution Defining CX Governance

Customer Experience programs are not sustainable unless there is a comprehensive governance plan in place. How can you define CX governance for your organization? Begin by setting definable goals and establishing clear roles and responsibilities.

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We Help You Answer Key Governance Questions

When defining your organization’s CX governance policies, there are several factors that should be considered. By carefully reflecting on each of these factors, then developing a clearly defined governance plan, you improve your chances of successfully executing your short and long-term CX plans. Our CX experts provide the objective perspective you need to examine each aspect of your CX program and governance plan.

Prioritizing Improvements

Defining your CX design and improvement goals, and their related success parameters, is the first step in creating a CX governance plan. Our team will help you answer key questions related to CX goal setting, including: Which CX improvements take priority? How will the organization define success in this project? What is the time frame for this effort?

Empowering Stakeholders

Assigning roles and responsibilities to individual employees and teams is also an important part of driving CX improvement. To help you empower stakeholders, we help you find answers to critical questions, such as: Who will have authority to lead this project? Who are the final decision makers? Who is accountable for the individual steps and overall success of the project?

Deploying Resources

Technology solutions and other tools are often needed to implement CX improvements. Our team helps you identify and manage resources by answering important questions, including: What resources are needed to accomplish our goal? How will we deploy the necessary resources? How do we track the effectiveness of these resources?

Reporting Performance

Tracking the performance and impact of CX improvement projects and sharing that data with the entire organization is important. We help you develop effective tracking and reporting processes by helping you answer enlightening questions like: What metrics should be tracked relating to individual efforts and the overall CX plan? How will data be shared with the leadership team and the rest of the organization? Who will be responsible for tracking and sharing this data?

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