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Solution Data Management

Business data is incredibly valuable, but only if your organization can effectively capture, store, protect and assess it? How can you obtain value from your business data? A detailed Data Management strategy is key.

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We Set the Foundation for Data Success

The sheer volume of data flowing through your business can be overwhelming. Fortunately, effective Data Management practices can help you identify and capture the accurate information you need to make informed decisions regarding strategic initiatives and daily operations.

We offer a wide range of Data Management services.

Data Architecture

The rules, policies and standards you apply to your data management efforts directly impact the quality and value of the information collected. Our team provides the comprehensive advice and support you need to develop and enable a custom data architecture strategy.

Platform Migration

Moving data from one platform to another can be a time-consuming and complicated process. We provide the advice and tools you need to reduce the strain on your internal teams during data migration projects.

Data Quality Assurance

Inconsistent or anomalous data can skew reports and negatively impact decision making. Our team works with you to implement processes and tools for assessing your data’s accuracy, consistency and timeliness, all in an effort to ensure information quality.

Master Data Management

Many businesses utilize multiple methods of capturing and managing business data to gain a comprehensive view of customers and operations. However, the numerous data sets resulting from these sources can lead to information confusion. Our experts help you integrate multiple data streams, identify a single point of reference to ensure the cohesion of incoming information.

Data Governance

Effectively managing the availability, accessibility and security of data can be difficult. Our experts help you develop data governance policies, teams and tools to enable efficient storage, use and protection of your data.

Case Study

a overhead view of a shipping yard

Avtex Creates Custom Solution to Help Strategic Wave Track Assets in Real-Time

At any given time, Strategic Wave tracks the location, destination and status of up to 8,000 ISO tank containers, chassis, and returnable cylinder assets on behalf of chemical manufacturers and shippers across the globe. Providing its customers with easy access to updated data regarding these assets is a key aspect of Strategic Wave’s business plan. Unfortunately, the company’s outdated and underpowered customer access application struggled to meet this goal, leaving many customers frustrated.

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