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Solution CX Improvement Roadmap

Most customer journeys cut across multiple departments within an organization. With multiple functional areas and skill sets involved, how can you effect CX improvements? Developing and maintaining a Customer Experience improvement roadmap is critical.

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We Help You Develop a Clear Plan of Action

A CX roadmap is the output of CX analysis and design efforts. The roadmap should lay out the various people, processes and technologies involved in deploying a newly designed experience. We help you create a CX roadmap that addresses each aspect of your improvement efforts, while remaining easy to understand and useful for all individuals and teams.


Your CX roadmap should clearly define responsibilities, tasks, resources and more. Without this critical information, individuals and teams may lack full awareness of their role in the project and the tools they have available to them. Our experts help you review the people and tools you have in place and your overall goals to ensure that all logistical details are addressed.


Creating a defined timeline will help to keep your CX improvement efforts on track. When developing your timeline, consider creating multiple milestones and check-ins to ensure all participants are completing assigned tasks as scheduled and that all inter-dependencies are addressed. For example, you may set a milestone for improving contact center call resolution times, with smaller tasks associated with the larger ongoing effort. Integrating this timeline with larger business goals can also improve CX buy-in across your organization. We work with your team to develop a realistic timeline for your project and offer insight on project management strategies to help keep you moving forward.

Success Metrics

Including success metrics in your CX roadmap is a great way to track improvement and completion of specific goals. A useful success metric may be Net Promoter Score, with your goal to increase your NPS by a specific number of points, or a set percentage. Our experts help you define success metrics and identify tools and strategies for accurately tracking them.

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