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Solution Customer Service Optimization

Customer service goes far beyond the support you offer your customers when they encounter issues. Truly effective customer service includes proactive outreach, self-help empowerment, and a concentrated effort to make it easy for your customer to do business with you. How can you develop and maintain a comprehensive customer service program? By harnessing the power and functionality of CRM, you can provide the holistic service your customers expect and deserve.

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We Help You Help Your Customers

Developing and delivering the type of customer service that drives loyalty isn’t always easy – it takes everyone in your organization working together to make it happen. It also takes technology and planning. At Avtex, we offer the advice you need to develop, implement and optimize a holistic customer service program.

We offer guidance on all aspects of customer service optimization.

360 Customer Profile

To effectively serve your customers, you must maintain comprehensive knowledge of them, including their expectations, needs, past interactions and more. By building a 360-degree profile of your customer, you can quickly address and resolve issues – more importantly, you can predict potential issues and resolve them before they impact your customers. Our experts offer the guidance you need to capture customer data and turn it into actionable intelligence.

Knowledge Management

Providing answers to frequently asked questions or guidance on common processes is invaluable to customers and employees alike. The more knowledge you can securely and effectively deliver to your customers, the more likely they are to avoid frustrating issues and appreciate your brand. We offer advice on knowledge management best practices and technology solutions.

Self-Help Solutions

Today’s consumer expects the ability to resolve issues or find information without assistance. Providing your customers with the tools necessary to accomplish certain tasks independently, such as knowledge access portals or chatbots, helps to reduce frustration and foster loyalty. Self-help tools have the added benefit of reducing stress on your contact center – as customers are able to resolve issues independently and the volume of incoming support interactions diminishes. We help you empower your customers by aiding in identification and implementation of self-help tools.

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