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Solution Customer Persona Development

Your customers have different expectations and preferences when interacting with your brand. How can you design experiences to meet these different expectations or preferences? Developing robust customer personas will help you design experiences with each group of customers in mind.

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We Help You Empathize With Your Customers

The CX design process should start with the creation of customer personas – only with detailed information regarding your customers’ needs and expectations can you design and create truly effective experiences. We work with your team to develop customer personas that enable effective CX design.

Persona Development

CX design personas share some similarities with marketing personas but are focused more on the customer’s desired journey through an experience. CX design personas include standard demographic data, though the focus trends more toward behavioral and psychological aspects of the individuals in question. Our experts provide the guidance and insight you need to develop CX design personas that are detailed and actionable.

Journey Selection

Developing a customer persona for CX design purposes begins with identifying the journey you wish to explore. By examining one specific customer journey at a time, it is much easier to determine “who” is taking this journey with your brand. This includes the customer’s backgrounds and their feelings, needs and expectations at each step in the experience. We work with you to select the journeys that matter most to your customers, then examine them in detail to develop customer personas that can be used to effect CX improvements.

Persona Visualization

It is important for all stakeholders in the CX design process to truly understand each customer persona. This knowledge will enable each member of your team to take themselves out of the journey and focus on your customer. Our team offers helpful persona visualization strategies to help your team empathize with the individuals interacting with your business.