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Solution Contact Center Support

The complex nature of modern contact center platforms can make them difficult to manage, especially for organizations with limited IT staff and budget. How can you overcome the daily challenges of maintaining and optimizing your contact center technology? A contact center support provider can help.

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We Lessen the Strain on Your Staff

Maintaining your contact center platform is critical to keep the lines of communication open and effective for your customers. Unfortunately, conducting the ongoing maintenance required to keep your contact center running can tax even the best staffed IT departments.

Our Contact Center Support solutions provide a number of benefits.

Increased Performance

Regular maintenance support improves the reliability and consistency of your contact center platform. We take a proactive approach to address potential issues before they arise, which helps to reduce downtime and improve the overall performance of your platform.

Reduced Labor Costs

Resolving technical issues internally can be costly, especially when multiple staff members are engaged in troubleshooting a problem. Our support team reduces the strain on your staff members, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Customized Support

Your contact center platform is unique to your organization, making it vital that you receive support that meets your specific needs. Our multiple packages allow you to choose the plan that best meets your requirements and the level of support you need, without paying for services you don’t.

Access to Additional Services

Avtex is an end-to-end Customer Experience solution provider. This means that we are able to offer support on a wide range of issues related to your overall efforts of attracting and retaining customers. Our service offerings include CRM design and implementation, custom application development and much more.

Case Study

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Avtex Makes Nautilus Stronger

Nautilus was in desperate need of shedding process weight, increasing customer service reaction time, building internal coordination and continuing to flex their formidable marketplace muscle. Additionally, Nautilus’ “phone system” needed untangling, streamlining and innovating nationally, internationally and corporate-wide.

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