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Solution Capabilities Assessment

During the CX design process, it can be helpful to consider your current technology and skill sets. How can you set a baseline of your current capabilities? A thorough and objective capabilities assessment can help.

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We Provide Objective Perspective

Is your CRM capable of managing the data necessary to drive personalized interactions? Do you have the ability to capture, store and analyze data to gauge the effectiveness of your CX programs? Do your employees have the tools they need to execute your CX strategy on a daily basis? We offer comprehensive CX capabilities assessments designed to help you find the answers to these questions and determine your readiness to execute an effective CX strategy. Our team will analyze and report on all aspects of your current CX capabilities.

Technology Platforms

Technology plays a key role in the delivery, management and measurement of customer experiences. With that in mind, we conduct a thorough inventory of all technology platforms currently active within your enterprise. Following this analysis, our experts offer advice on potential gaps, as well as any redundant systems that may be eliminated for cost savings.

Employee Skillsets

Your staff’s individual and collective talents are crucial to the success of your CX program. Without fundamental knowledge of certain strategic initiatives, and the skill to execute them, your employees are unlikely to thrive in a customer centric environment. We conduct a skills analysis to help you identify training and team building opportunities.

Process and Policy Effectiveness

The best talent and technology in the world can quickly be derailed by ineffective processes or policies. Our team examines your current processes and policies to help identify roadblocks and areas for streamlining workflow. By doing so, we hope to empower your employees and give them the support they need to excel in their individual roles.


The relationships your organization maintains with vendors and business partners can have a significant impact on your CX. We provide the objective perspective you need to analyze these relationships in an effort to streamline outsourced processes or simply improve the lines of communication around your CX strategy.