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Solution Business Process Modernization

Routine processes like data entry or file management are an unavoidable – and often costly – part of doing business. How can you limit the time and money that routine processes cost your business? Solutions like PowerApps and Flow from Microsoft, make it possible to automate these tasks.

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We Make Your Business Run Smoothly

PowerApps allows users to easily build business applications to extend or customize features of Office 365 applications like SharePoint and Teams. Flow improves efficiency by allowing users to automate workflows and processes, including data collection, file management and more. Each solution offers time and cost-saving benefits – used together, the pair has the potential to truly modernize the way you manage and execute core business processes.

We’ve helped clients explore and develop innovative process automation solutions using PowerApps and Flow.

Data Entry

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 connector for PowerApps makes it easy to create a customized app that allows users to view, add, delete, and make updates to entities on any mobile device or browser. The improved access streamlines the data entry process and allows remote users and those in the field to update customer information on the fly.

Data Management

The wealth of data flowing throughout your business on any given day is astounding. Managing and archiving this data can be difficult – especially when doing so in compliance with government regulations. Using Flow, we’ve made it easy for clients to automatically save files into SharePoint, route files for approvals, archive information and more.

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