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Solution Artificial Intelligence

Once thought of as a gimmick for sci-fi writers, Artificial Intelligence has quickly become a promising solution for a wide range of uses, including improving Customer Experience. How can you leverage AI to the benefit of your customers? With a bit of innovative thinking, and the proper guidance, AI can be the tool you need to meet the expectations of the modern customer.

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We Turn Potential Into Reality

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence has opened new doors to CX and IT professionals, making it possible to create new experiences or features that seemed inconceivable in recent years. We have the experience, knowledge and courage needed to help you take AI well past the potential benefits and turn it into real impactful solutions. We’ve already helped many clients leverage AI to address real business challenges and use cases.

Our experts have developed proven applications for AI that have real impact today.

Speech Recognition

Leveraging AI to automatically convert text to speech and to recognize specific words or phrases has real-world applications in quality assurance and proactive issue resolution. By using AI to automate the capture and partial review of interaction transcripts, we’ve helped clients streamline quality review processes and ensure the optimal effectiveness of customer interactions.

Data Intelligence

Sifting through large amounts of data to identify actionable insights can be a tedious task. By applying AI and machine learning, we’ve made it possible for clients to glean useful insight into customer behavior that can be used to streamline and improve individual interactions with customers.


Today’s customers expect the ability to resolve certain issues without the assistance of a live agent. We build chat and voice bots, backed by AI, to empower customers to find answers, make account changes or address concerns. Bots also help to reduce the volume of live customer interactions flowing through your contact center.

Virtual Assistants

Though routine in nature, repetitive processes often cause bottlenecks in an employee’s productivity, which may lead to a negative impact on customer experience. How can you provide employees with tools to streamline routine processes, while ensuring their accurate completion? Virtual assistants provide assistance with routine tasks, both simple and complex, and help to keep your staff moving.

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