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Solution 360 Customer Profile

To create the foundation for a lasting relationship with your customers, you must develop a comprehensive knowledge of their personality, needs, preferences and past interactions with your brand. How can you build a truly comprehensive profile of your customers? By gathering all systems of data capture into a single point of reference, you can build this crucial 360-degree view of customers.

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We Facilitate Customer Insights

Every time a customer or prospect interacts with your business, whether through your website or mobile app, your contact center or social media accounts, they offer valuable information. That’s the good news – information is always readily available. The bad news? That data is captured on different channels, often by different solutions, making it difficult to piece together a full view of the customer. Avtex provides the support you need to identify and utilize all incoming data streams.

To help you truly understand your target audience, we offer support on all aspects of creating 360-degree customer profiles.

Data Capture

To use data, you must first capture it. We help you identify viable sources of information, and implement solutions to capture, manage and report that data as accurately and efficiently as possible. From technology to processes, we help you optimize all aspects of your data collection efforts.

Data Integration

Assembling a clear picture of your customers from multiple information sources is difficult. Our experts work with you to identify the many streams of incoming information and integrate them into a single source of customer truth. Pulling all systems of data capture into a single location makes it possible to get the truly comprehensive view of your customers that you need.


Information is only useful if all members of your staff can easily access it – and understand it. We help you improve customer and employee experience by providing your staff with easy access to this information.

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