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Today, consumers want a modern, digital-centric approach to healthcare that empowers them with easy, convenient access to information, support, services, and even care right from the palm of their hand.

We've created a Digital Front Door Toolkit to help you deliver digital-optimized, consumer-centric experiences from the very first interaction - so you can meet consumer expectations, drive value, and ultimately future-proof the success of your organization.

Resources Included in the Toolkit

The Ideal “Digital Front Door” Experience [Infographic]

Follow one patient’s journey through a Digital Front Door healthcare experience.

My Last Best Healthcare Experience [Short Video]

Watch an animated re-telling of a real-life Digital Front Door healthcare experience.

How to Execute a Digital Front Door Strategy [Checklist]

Access a list of actions you need to take to build a successful, comprehensive Digital Front Door strategy, from pre-planning to execution.

10 Questions Answered About the Digital Front Door [FAQs]

Receive answers to 10 commonly asked questions about a Digital Front Door, from ‘What is it?’ to ‘Where do I start’?

Make the Case for a Digital Front Door [Talking Points]

Access proof points and ROI data to sell stakeholders on the benefits of building a Digital Front Door strategy.

Digital Front Door Self-Evaluation [Assessment]

Answer Yes/No questions about your current healthcare delivery model to gain a clearer picture of what you must do to facilitate a successful, digitally-optimized healthcare experience.

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