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Problem Helping Customers Get the Information They Need

CX Transformation

How do I give customers access to the right information?

Helping customers is not reserved for a support issue, it’s about access to the right information regarding your brand, products, or services. Even before someone becomes a customer, there are certain pieces of information they need from your organization. Once you’ve successfully mapped out the full customer journey, you should now have a blueprint to understand what information is required at any given touchpoint. At Avtex, we also help you go a level deeper to understand where, how and when information needs to be delivered to customers along that journey.

CX Orchestration

How do I provide self, assisted, or hybrid service options?

During a customer’s various interactions with your brand, they will want to gather information in a number of ways. Sometimes, they will choose self-service, other times they will look to a company resource for assistance. Avtex helps you evaluate each method of communication and how they are integrated to allow for effortless escalations from self through assisted service. We also weave in intelligence through machine learning and AI with tools like chatbots and virtual assistants to make sure each touchpoint becomes the best experience possible.


At its core, help is simply an exchange of information from and to a customer. It seems so simple, but can easily grow in complexity as new methods of communication become available. Sometimes, organizations are in a rush to adopt the ‘latest and greatest’ technologies to show that they are keeping up with the trends of the day. The application of a specific technology may act as a band-aid, but without consideration of how knowledge is architected and shared in a holistic capacity, the core communication challenges will persist. Applying critical thinking and customer understanding are absolutely fundamental to get the right blend of self, assisted, and hybrid service interactions, enabled through the latest technology advancements.

Give your customers the information they need with custom innovations and offerings from Avtex.

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