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Problem Building Omni-Channel engagements

CX Transformation

Which channels do our customers prefer?

Customer journey mapping sessions usually contain surprises for executives. Often this comes in the form of channel preference and a gap in what is being delivered vs desired. The ways that customers choose to communicate vary by persona and time, thus there needs to be a plan for easily expanding or reducing channels. To avoid wasteful efforts in channels that customers don’t care about, Avtex consults directly with customers as part of the approach to communication planning, in order to make sure that channels are aligned with expectations.

CX Orchestration

How do I provide effortless interactions across channels?

A technology ecosystem evaluation is critical to understanding all the conversations that are happening with customers and where the record of those conversations is being stored. If the contact center is partitioned by channel, such that the social interaction team and the phone team are not working from the same customer profile, then the transfer of a single customer across those channels will seem disjointed. Avtex has deep expertise across all the core CX technologies (Contact Center, CRM, Unified Communications, etc…) to enable an integrated customer experience, no matter the channel.


Omni-channel is a well-known term, however it’s worth noting that it’s a very different vision than ‘multi-channel’ from an execution standpoint. Whereas multi-channel focuses on the sheer number of options available to interact with a brand, omni-channel encompasses the agility of switching communication channels while maintaining a consistent and relevant dialogue thread. To build an impactful strategy, organizations must first gain a core understanding of the customer needs and their journey. There must also be a central system of record, a CRM, to manage all data and integrate with every channel, both digital and voice. The free flow of data between key interaction systems at the right time will set up a successful omni-channel implementation.

Build omnichannel engagements with custom innovations and offerings from Avtex.

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