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Problem Applying customer intelligence to create better experiences

CX Transformation

What is the customer sentiment at each touchpoint?

Using massive data collection and analysis tools is a first step towards gaining a holistic understanding of customer interactions; however, additional expertise is needed to help align what the data means and how you should react as an organization. Avtex data analysts work with a number of intelligence platforms to be able to surface comparisons, spot trends, and address potential issues before they become a part of the customer experience.

CX Orchestration

What do I do with all this data?

Data can be a workflow trigger, it can provide insight at a micro or macro-scale, or it can be used to measure performance. Applying intelligence takes the right data collection tools such as speech analytics, data visualization, or cloud machine learning environments. Much like doctors have specialized tools to diagnose and treat patients, Avtex CX data analysts have a vast array of technologies to utilize based on the desired outcomes of our clients.


Though the terms artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) indicate a certain level of automated decision making, the logic still has to be grounded in a defined CX strategy in order to impact the overall experience. To reap the rewards of applied intelligence, plan and analyze with the end goals in mind. Look for areas where manual efforts would be too costly, or the data set contains too much information to review. These are ripe examples of where computer assisted assessment could be beneficial. Before you put any AI programs in place, make sure and consult an expert to evaluate the readiness of your systems, data collection and processes.

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