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Matt Durski

Matt Durski

Director, Healthcare Patient and Member Experience

What is most exciting to you about the future of Avtex?

We have great partnerships with market-leading organizations such as Microsoft and Genesys. In addition to this, I am really impressed with the caliber of our consultants and solutions architects. I am also excited to help build out the healthcare vertical and our go-to-market strategy to further strengthen our verticalization approach. When combining our customer experience, contact center and other technical capabilities with our healthcare vertical expertise, this creates more growth and value for our clients.

How would you describe exceptional customer experience?

It comes down to defining what an exceptional experience is for a customer, as well as understanding what exceptional experiences look like for all the different stakeholders in an experience. For instance, physicians or contact center agents are key stakeholders in a patient’s health system experience. It begins with a question, for example, if I am a health plan – who are my members? The next question becomes, what problems are they trying to solve and how are we helping them solve those problems? After these insights are captured, the next step is to look internally at an organization’s assets to determine how it can leverage those assets, a customer mindset as well as additional investments to help customers solve their problems in a better way. To create an exceptional customer experience, a lot of attention must be placed on understanding all the different inputs an organization has to an experience so that it can create a memorable interaction that sets the bar so that any other experience seems uninspiring in comparison.

What does Avtex offer to our healthcare clients that sets us apart?

A few things: We have the healthcare expertise to understand what our clients are trying to do, the CX expertise to help understand the needs of their patients and members, and finally, the technical and strategic wherewithal to build solutions that solve for those pain points. This makes Avtex a full 360 solution shop.

How does focusing on the member experience positively impact a company in healthcare?

From my perspective, healthcare is in the golden age of consumerism. For the longest time traditional payers and providers engaged their patients and their members in a manner that was a lot simpler and more linear. We are entering a world where consumers demand and deserve great omnichannel experiences and the healthcare industry is being asked to follow suit and engage their members in entirely different ways than in the past. Historically, you would call your physician’s office to schedule an appointment and you’d have that appointment at a time in the future. Now there's an expectation that as a patient, I can connect with this physician’s office not only through telephony, but also through text, chat bot and mobile applications to perhaps engage in a real time virtual visit. Just as important is the notion that the member must be able to connect on their time and in a manner that works best for them. This creates a more complex loop to connect with your members, as well as an opportunity to connect more often and meaningfully. This fact is also driving the healthcare industry from a reactive, or sick care model, to a more preventative or health and wellness model.

What are some ways you would describe the Avtex culture?

My experience with the Avtex culture thus far has highlighted a strong desire, from our people, to do what’s right by the client. There is also a strong level of curiosity and a desire to partner with our business partners and our clients to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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