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Our People

Louis Tolston

Louis Tolston

Account Executive

Louis has over 20 years of experience in the retail environment ranging from retail store manager to managing corporate-wide technology solutions. In his last role, he worked on front-end technology ranging from self-service, data management, and application modernization solutions to help create a better retail customer experience. In Louis’s words, “With the number of years of experience behind me, I truly understand the challenges and rewards in providing a truly excellent customer experience in the retail industry.”

Louis is from Central Florida and graduated in Business from University of South Florida. He went on to receive his Master of Business Administration from University of Phoenix. Louis has been married to the love of his life over for 21 years. They moved to Indiana in 2011 to be closer to his wife’s parents. They currently have two boys in high school, one in the Navy, and the oldest in Ball State for veterinary school.