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Our People

Kelly Esquivel

Kelly Esquivel

Senior Recruiter

What's your favorite part about living and working remotely?

For me, it’s the flexibility to be a mom and still have a really rewarding career that I love.

What are some words you would use to describe Avtex?

Forward-thinking, transparent, access to leadership, nimble

What parts of your job do you find the most satisfying?

I love working with my team. The team is the most important part of a job. If you don’t like the people on your team or you don’t work well with them, it’s frustrating. You can basically do the same work anywhere, but the level of satisfaction goes up when you do it with people you enjoy being around or communicating with.

What insight do you share with others looking at careers within Avtex?

I typically tell people to be open-minded and to build as many relationships as possible. It goes a long way within a remote culture to take that extra time to build a relationship and a personal connection with someone. It only accelerates your ability to work well and collaboratively with someone who you don’t see in the office every day.