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Kate Kompelien

Kate Kompelien

Director, Customer Experience Solutions

Kate is a Customer Experience leader, focused on coaching and educating across the design process. She pioneered a first of its kind CX Design process (insights, mapping, behavioral research, design and measurement) for a major retailer. She hired and trained the talent to deliver exceptional work back to the organization which has proven to drive significant revenue growth.

She understands the importance for companies to differentiate in this highly competitive environment. Change management comes from listening, communicating and collaborating while delivering exceptional output that results in increased revenue, improved customer loyalty and aligned decision making.

Kate has over 20 years’ of insight experience at Fortune 500 companies within food service, consumer packaged goods, retail, digital and services. She is known to be a realistic and collaborative partner in the world of business which has budget, time and resource constraints. She is futuristic and can stage complex projects while ensuring the customer always drives the solution.

Kate can synthesize insights across multiple sources of data and tell a story that drives actionable plans and strategic business decisions.

As a Customer Experience Professional, Kate holds an MBA in Marketing with a focus on research from St. Thomas University and a MS in Grain Science from Kansas State University as well as a Bachelors Degree in Food Science from the University of Minnesota.