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Liz Magruder

Liz Magruder

Associate Consultant

How does what you do in your role impact Customer Experience for our clients?

My team helps organizations really shift their thinking from being inside out to outside in. So let me explain! It really helps an organization go from the point of “this is what our needs are, let’s make it happen” to “No what are the customer needs and how do we serve our customers.” My team helps organizations go through an extremely transformative process to help them embrace a truly customer-centric philosophy.

What's your favorite part about living and working remotely?

I love the flexibility. It’s pretty spectacular. I recently had to move because of my husband’s studies and there was no other choice for where we needed to live. So for me to be able to keep a steady job and more importantly a job that I enjoyed and wanted to keep investing in-was pretty phenomenal. I think it’s also really nice to be able to plan my schedule around just needing internet-it gives me the freedom to move around.

What makes Avtex a place you would recommend to peers and colleagues?

I think Avtex is really undergoing a change right now and I think that change we are accomplishing is pretty unique. I really like the philosophy of how Avtex approaches technology and customer experience. I believe Avtex is dedicated to innovation and is ahead of the curve in a lot of ways.