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Bob Lawrence

Bob Lawrence

Senior Project Manager

Bob Lawrence joins Avtex from DXC Technology where he spent over 3 ½ years managing several multi-million dollar D365 projects. His projects were primarily with fortune 500 companies that aligned to Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Hotel and hospitality, and marketing industries. Bob began his IT career after serving 4 years in the US Air Force during Operation Desert Storm. Over the span of 3 decades, Bob was an activist of performance testing, a self-employed IT entrepreneur, and a director with Oracle. He spent many of these years managing projects which including a 10-year implementation with the City University of New York. Bob makes his home in sunny Tampa, Florida, and enjoys trips to Disney, warm days at the beach, and spending as much time as possible with the family.

How does what you do in your role impact CX for our clients?

I'm on the digital transformation side of our business, so I do project management implementations related primarily to ERP systems. I'm an Enterprise Project Manager, so I work with our larger accounts and for customer experience, working together across the different sides of our business to build a solution for our clients successfully creates a better experience for them.

How would you define exceptional customer experience?

I look at it as, on time, on budget, ahead of schedule, and I look at it from an empirical standpoint because when you're able to build something and do something in a scheduled fashion that follows the timeline that you've laid out, the customer really appreciates the detail that went into elaborating the timeline for them. Being able to expand upon and show them, “Hey, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and there is the finish line,” is a positive experience, and they may even consider opening new phases of that project.

What makes Avtex a place that you would recommend to peers?

I completely embrace the small culture of the company. In fact, I've already recommended one of my previous colleagues to recruiting through the system. I know the values she holds from a small company standpoint, and I saw her post that she was looking, and I said, “You gotta come work with us, it's a breath of fresh air.” The other aspect of this is because we are a smaller company, If I need to get something accomplished and I know the steps that I need to do, I also know that I can reach out to one person, and they will tell me who to talk to if I need assistance. I like that aspect of our culture, and being able to have the trust to get things done in a timely fashion is so powerful.