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Amiya Kumar Bhanj

Amiya Kumar Bhanj

Senior Consultant

How would you describe exceptional customer experience?

From my past experience, I used to encounter different kinds of customers and users that differed in age and had different origins from where they come from. So to me, exceptional customer experience is something which really makes use of the various backgrounds a customer has and enhances their experience in a way that is refreshing for them and positively impacts their perception and process.

In what ways does your experience working with global teams impact your understanding of exceptional customer experience?

For some time, I was working from a client location so I was closely working with the users at all levels. When we're interacting with them, we get an idea of what each person requires and what are the things we can provide them to better their experience. Especially when there is a group of people who may need something that is not required for everyone, how can we implement that just for those people? We can then leverage a system properly with all these securities around and help them enjoy the way they do their work.