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SmartApps Fair Use Policy

SmartApps Fair Use Routing Usage Charges

Avtex has a fair use policy for Basic Routing / IVR for SmartApps cloud. Customers can use up to the “fair use” IVR and SMS amounts allocated by user without additional charge. IVR is consumed when using inbound call flows for Smart Authenticate, Smart Info, and/or Smart Teller. SMS is consumed when performing a one-time passcode check either done by a SmartApps User or during the authentication within the IVR. Customers who exceed the IVR or SMS allocation are billed a charge per minute or per SMS per month as outlined below. The fair use allocations are provided for your organization by counting the number of billable users of each license type during the period, and applying the allowance shown in the table below for each user to determine the total amount of allocated IVR minutes and SMS messages for your organization during the period.

IVR and SMS usage allowance in the subscription

All SmartApps Cloud plans include an allocation of IVR and SMS for each SmartApps cloud seat per the amounts detailed below:

License IVR Allocation (Minutes) SMS One Time Passcode (Interactions)
SmartApps 1 (Named)
SmartApps 2 (Named)
SmartApps 3 (Named)
SmartApps 1 (Concurrent)
SmartApps 2 (Concurrent)
SmartApps 3 (Concurrent)

For example, if you have (20) SmartApps 2 named seats active in a certain month, you will receive 45,000 IVR minutes and 12,000 SMS One Time Passcodes to be used for Smart Authenticate, Smart Info, and/or Smart Teller. Unused minutes and SMS messages do not carry over to the next month. Note: Smart App Speech Add-on is not included in IVR usage allowance.

IVR and SMS charges for usage above allowance

If your organization exceeds the above allocation in a given month, you will be billed at the rate below for IVR minutes and SMS messages consumed over the allocation amount.

License Price
SmartApps Smart Authenticate (per minute) (Named)
SmartApps Smart Info (per minute)
SmartApps Smart Teller (per minute)
SmartApps Speech Add-on (per minute)
One Time Passcode (per SMS)

Pricing Considerations

  • Genesys Cloud charges $.002 per minute for BYOC. Genesys Cloud connects to SmartApps cloud via BYOC. This charge applies to all calls delivered to SmartApps Cloud and is included in the Genesys Cloud voice charges.
  • For any product that is not released, these should be considered budgetary. (Ex: Smart Info and Smart Teller)
  • Speech Recognitions support is an add-on fee per minute for any SmartApps IVR interaction using speech (Authenticate, Info, and/or Teller)
  • Fair use policy cover minutes in the SmartApps IVR for any usage (Authenticate, Info, and/or Teller). SmartApps per user license bundles in IVR minutes and SMS messages. For anything above the allowance, use the overage pricing above. If the call uses multiple applications, the fee is not additive but a max based on the apps used. For instance, a call which uses Authenticate, Info and Teller would charge $.01 per minute while a separate call using only Authenticate and Info would be $.006 per minute.
  • IVR minute calculation is only for calls which are in SmartApps cloud for the duration within SmartApps cloud. The counter stops once the call is in transferred back to Genesys Cloud.
  • For any interactions handled by Genesys Cloud which doesn’t utilize SmartApps Cloud IVR, there will be no minute allocation (ex: Dial by extension, queues transfers not requiring SmartApps)

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