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Which Brand Delivered a Truly Remarkable Experience to You?

At Avtex, we love celebrating brands that deliver exceptional customer experiences. So we want to hear which brand delivered your last best experience! Submit your last best experience story below or scroll on to read other stories.

Last Best Experience Stories

I’ve been to Surge twice now, and had a great experience both times! The check-in process is smooth/straightforward, the staff is friendly and they make you feel comfortable if you are a newbie! Also - the facility is kept squeaky clean which I appreciate. Class kicked off on time and lasted the full 45 mins! Definitely worth the cost. I took Ben’s class, and would highly recommend him as an instructor. Not only are his playlists fire but he makes you work hard! On the hills especially. I’m excited to try some other classes and/or themed rides in the future. Ben set the bar pretty high but I’m guessing the other instructors are great too. Besides, who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?

-Ashley F - Surge Cycling, October 2021

My family ate at this restaurant while on vacation in Scottsdale. It was amazing -- two customer experiences stood out. First, they served these amazing signature sticky buns BEFORE dinner. Just brought them to the table for free - it's their signature move. They were like cinnamon rolls -- for dinner? Why not? What an unexpected welcome. When we commented on how great they were, they boxed up more of them for us to take home. Second, about an hour after the meal, the manager called me personally on my phone to thank us for coming, ask us how we enjoyed our meal, and wish us a great time in Scottsdale.

-Beth L - El Chorro, October 2021

I am not a Target loyalist, so I'm always forgetting to use the app at checkout and even if I remember it's usually too much effort for me to bother. When I had to return a couple items without a receipt I figured I might run into issues. To my surprise, by making the original purchase with my main card (on file in the app I forget to use), my receipt was automatically synced to my app making the return a breeze -- I was delighted by the ease of doing business!

-Liz M - Target, October 2021

I recently purchased a firepit and they sent the wrong product. I was able to explain the problem with their chatbot and the next morning I was contacted by the company that they were sending the correct product via 2nd air and that I could keep the product they sent me by mistake. Super good communication and customer service.

-Trevor H - Solo Stove, October 2021

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Last summer I purchased a hammock tent from Lawson as they are well known here in Colorado where it's impossible to find flat ground for tents, but there's always a pair of trees 10 feet apart! After a full year of use, and let me tell you, these hammocks are amazing individual shelters perfect for the side-sleeping camper that is me, we were camping several weeks ago and I managed to damage the tent material by inadvertently putting my weght on it. When we got home, I contacted Lawson about repairs, expecting to pay a fair price for the damage I'd done to my gear. And that's where this story took a turn. Lawson Hammock informed me that even though I was out of warranty by months, they were going to replace my hammock, and went so far as to tell me to keep the old one for spare parts. And then they shipped me a brand new replacement free of charge. THAT is what standing by your brand and product means to me...Lawson Hammock chose to take the most expensive path FOR THEM and the easiest path FOR ME. But they'll win in the long run, because they made a customer for life in me.

-Cliff M - Lawson Hammock, October 2021

For those who need a phone plan that fits just right at a great price, Mint Mobile hits the spot. Getting a free boost in data allowance was a nice surprise and delight too. Relatively easy to switch and set-up. Clever and humorous customer communications.

-Tony L - Mint Mobile, October 2021

We are putting our house on the market, and realized, just days before the listing went live, that we were not going to be able to get the window's cleaned ourselves. There was SO MUCH to do, and of course we were under pressure to get it all done. I reached out to Subzero based entirely on location, they were close. A live person answered the call and they had a rep at our house in a matter of hours to give us an estimate. The rep was thorough, friendly, and when he heard about our timeline, he said, "Don't worry, we can get it done in time." He told me of a cancellation that day, and after calling to confirm with the office, he was able to schedule our cleaning that afternoon. That's right, less than 8 hrs from my initial call and the job was done! And it was done well, the windows look amazing and we had them done in time for showings.

-Sarah E - Subzero Window Cleaners, October 2021

I was standing in line at Walgreens and there was a gentleman trying to buy a Visa gift card for a small amount. He came up a dollar short due to the unexpected fees. Next thing I noticed, the Customer Service Associate went and got a dollar from his personal money. When I was checking out, I complimented him for doing that. His response was, “I work for a great company and get paid well, I can certainly spare a dollar to someone in need.” Beautiful Customer Experience! And it just so happened that I was buying some Starbucks gift cards that evening. I opened the package and gave him one. The smile on his face was priceless!

-Anne W - Walgreens, October 2021

They consistently exceed my expectations for my financial needs and the needs for my family. All of the personal bankers greet me and my daughter by name every time we visit. I recently wrote a check that was out of sequence and they caught that and alerted me right away. Every month they seem to have something for free for their customers- this month is a free pumpkin, last month was customer appreciation day, the month before a was coin appraisal day, we received a free pass to the ice skating rink at Wrigley field and were given hot chocolate and snacks after all included... They pro-actively reach out to me and anticipate my next need or desire and deliver. They have made a true emotional connection with me and my family that I don't think I would consider leaving them for another bank.

-Russell E - Wintrust, October 2021

My last best experience is when I ordered flowers online using 1-800-Flowers. When the flowers arrived I did not think the local florist provided a bouquet that matched the price and description of what I had ordered. I started a chat on the 1-800-flowers website. After the virtual assistant couldn't not resolve a live agent joined the chat thread. The agent then sent a new bouquet of flowers to the recipient and issued me a $20 credit on my next order. For me this represented turning my unpleasant experience into a last best experience, where I had been heard and the issue addressed.

-Amy S - 1-800-Flowers, October 2021

Early this year, I started using a credit card payment app "CRED" to pay my credit card bills. I had linked my credit card with the app to automatically clear my monthly bills. Unfortunately, I lost my credit card in late August and had to re-issue a new card from the bank. Because my old card was linked to the app, the dues for the month of September were automatically debited from my bank. I called CRED customer care team explaining them that I forgot to link my new card with the app and the card that was already linked to the app is inactive however the amount was charged to clear the dues. They were so cooperative and without any wait they coordinated with the bank on behalf of me to settle the amount that was charged. After they fixed the problem, they called me to help me link my new card with the app so that it doesn't happen in future.

-Rav C - CRED, October 2021

At the end of our meal, the waiter dropped off the check and told us he gave us 10% off. I asked why and he said because he felt he was 10% slower than usual. I thought this was a memorable moment because we had a great time, didn't notice that he was slower than usual but he did! He not only acknowledged it but gave us a monetary gift as well. Of course, I then gave him a 10% higher tip! It worked out on both ends.

-Kate K - Marna's Cafe - Robbinsdale, October 2021

My kids and I went there to order dinner and as we were leaving they told both kids they had wonderful manners when ordering and slipped each of them a rice crispy treat for that. It made my kids day and helped my emphasis on always being polite.

-Chrystal G - Noodles and Company, October 2021

I called my local State Farm insurance agent with a question regarding my discounts and a recent change to my bill. All I said was "Hello, I have a question about my discounts" and I was warmly greeted by name and after a quick verification question, my account was easily accessed without a long pause or being put on hold. We were able to discuss my issue and get it resolved. The agent also took a moment to look over my account to make sure I was up to date on all other discounts without trying to sell me any additional products/services. What stood out to me was their seamless use of technology - caller ID, contact center technology and likely CRM integration - to make the call personal without the inconvenience of being transferred to a billing department or being put on hold. It was resolved in less than 5 minutes. I hung up thinking "wow that was easy!"

-Kelly E - State Farm Insurance, October 2021

I regularly receive marketing emails from 1 800 CONTACTS, but my Last Best Experience went above and beyond. About a week ago, I received a call from their team and answered. The agent explained that the contact was a courtesy call to let me know my prescription was about to expire and asked if I needed any help scheduling a new appointment to get my eyes and prescription checked. When I noted I had a follow-up eye appointment scheduled in just a few weeks, the agent then offered that 1 800 CONTACTS would buy back any of my unused contacts should my prescription change to help make my transition to the new prescription even easier. The call was later followed up with an email reiterating the same message and providing links to both help schedule a new eye appointment and quickly order new prescription contacts.

-Nick D - 1 800 CONTACTS, October 2021

So this summer has been a mess. I hit a couch on the freeway in late July. Geico set me up with a rental car and sent my Explorer to a wonderful collision center. They have been working making the other driver's insurance pay for everything. Fast forward 3 weeks after I get my Explorer back, I get rear ended after picking kids up from school. Geico quickly got me another rental car. Sadly, my Explorer is a loss but they paid out on my truck, extended my rental additional days, and have worked out with Enterprise that once my coverage no longer covers the rental, I can get their rate until such time I find a replacement truck. I have been really happy with how they have handled both of my incidents and have helped me through the process.

-Paul J - Geico, October 2021

A few years back, our little dog was very ill. We took him to the Veterinarian we have always used. It was an emergency appointment, so they squeezed him in on short notice. Two of their doctors stayed after hours looking into the microscope and talking with other doctors at the University Veterinary Clinic. They eventually told us as gently as they could that our dog had cancer. They kept in touch with the team at the Oncology Clinic and kept asking us how he was doing. They called repeatedly just to ask about him. When he passed away, they sent us a sympathy card with notes about what a special little dog he was. It meant a lot to us.

-Kathy G - Marschall Road Animal Hospital, October 2021

I recently attended a Minnesota Timberwolves game. After months of strict COVID-19 protocols, my family couldn't wait to buy tickets for a game. A few weeks before the game, I had the opportunity to buy presale tickets. When gameday arrived, I was blown away by the no-touch services. I had digital tickets to speed up the line at the gate, I was able to order concessions and merch from my seat in the app, and the game was so much fun.

-Brian L - Minnesota Timberwolves, September 2021

During COVID I kind of avoided going to the doctor. But I recently received a text message from my primary care clinician at Park Nicollet that said, "It looks like you are going to be due for your physical after July 15th this year. I am trying to get my patients to schedule those visits now." The text went on to explain that I could schedule an appointment to avoid a chaotic rush once restrictions were lifted. Honestly this simple text really left a lasting impression because I haven't seen other healthcare providers do anything like this.

-Mike P - Park Nicollet, September 2021

I recently purchased a luxury car, something I had never done before. I didn't really know what to expect but I was blown away. When I arrived for my appointment, I was greeted by name, ushered back to a beautiful staging area, and cared for by a friendly rep who spent more than an hour with me going through the car's technology. I remember going back to the business manager's office and thinking, there's no way she is ready for me because there weren't any papers. But she tapped her desk and like something out of the future a large tablet popped up that I signed everything on. Over the last couple weeks the team has checked in on me to make sure I'm still satisfied with the car and understand all of its features. The experience felt luxurious.

-Kurt S - Mercedes-Benz, July 2021

My last best experience was with Apple. My Airpod headphones had been causing issues during meetings, picking up on feedback and filling my ears with a staticky sound. I knew I had to take them in to Apple’s Genius Bar for repairs, which I was dreading a bit because we were in the middle of a pandemic and non-essential, in-person interactions weren’t at the top of my preference list. Still, it had to be done. As part of Apple’s social distancing policy, all store visits had to be scheduled ahead of time, so I booked an appointment online. I was originally apprehensive about going into the store, but as soon as I stepped through the doors, Apple’s extensive, thoughtful COVID protocol set my mind at ease. The store was clean, the associates were masked and distanced, and the process was extraordinarily efficient. I barely even had to describe my issue before the associate helping me offered to issue me a brand-new set of replacement headphones at zero cost. A shopping trip that might have been an inconvenience in the best times — and had a high potential to cause anxiety during the pandemic — turned out instead to be a white glove store experience. Apple rocks!

-John S - Apple, June 2021