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Transform Customer Experience by Prioritizing Customer Safety

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to broadly impact consumers' lives, it's changing how they assess their needs and which ones are now a priority. Health and safety are now critical for customers who engage with in-person services.

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BidWin Government Contractor Solution

Built on the Microsoft Government Contractor Cloud, Avtex provides a modern business development solution for Government Contractors. Bring intel together, take action and analyze risks to keep pace with the digital transformation in the public sector.

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Strategies to Encourage Employee Relationships in a Remote Workforce

By taking the right steps, you and your staff can facilitate remote relationship building on your team, ensuring that you have a strong foundation to help achieve your business goals.

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Part game show, part expert discussion, all Customer Experience.

On Experience Points, customer experience thought leaders earn cash for their favorite charity as they answer CX questions and share their expertise on how to fuel exceptional experiences for your customers. Join hosts Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss for Experience Points, brought to you by Avtex - your end to end CX technology and consulting partner.

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Avtex Expands CX with Clients through an Advanced Employee Experience

Delivering exceptional employee experience is crucial to the long-term success of any organization. At Avtex, our priorities have always been to provide our employees with a supportive and empowering workplace where they have the tools to do their jobs well. We have high standards for our employees but ensure that we also have initiatives in place that make reaching those standards possible.

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Avtex 360: An Innovative Approach to Fueling Exceptional Customer Experiences

Avtex 360, or A360, is our approach to helping our clients achieve an integrated strategy for fueling exceptional customer experiences. We understand how the different components of your business co-exist, and the power behind creating cross-functional communication and collaboration that can be brought together with Avtex as your partner for CX transformation.

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Measuring Patient Sentiment in the Face of COVID-19

In this whitepaper, Measuring Patient Sentiment in the Face of COVID-19, we uncover “the why” behind this delayed return and provide healthcare providers with key insights to help them improve the healthcare experience for the COVID-19-impacted world.

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Five Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing enables your team to connect with customers on their preferred platforms and optimize communication to increase your campaign success and business prospects.

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What Is Omnichannel for Customer Service and Is It Right for Your Organization?

From your first interaction and beyond, it is essential that you not only understand your customers, but are also able to act on their problems, expectations and opinions.

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Getting Started with PowerApps

PowerApps is a low-code app development solution that provides agility, speed, savings and efficiency.

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Business Process Modernization

Routine processes like data entry or file management are an unavoidable – and often costly – part of doing business. How can you limit the time and money that routine processes cost your business? Solutions like PowerApps and Flow from Microsoft, make it possible to automate these tasks.

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How to Increase Loyalty and Spend through Customer Insights

Understanding how to utilize a platform like Customer Insights changes how a company understands the customer experience

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Must-Have Features of a CRM for GovCon

Winning government contracts is a long and complex journey. Learn how the right CRM can make the bidding process faster and more efficient.

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Deep Knowledge of Who Customers Are

Big data may be a term of the past, but it still represents a big challenge for companies today. The introduction of AI and machine learning have drastically altered the methods and rate of data processing. However, these advancements mean nothing if there’s not careful planning and critical thought as to how they are applied to customer data to achieve specific outcomes.

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Understanding Modern Customer Expectations

Effective experience transformation needs to stem from customer insight. We often see a gap between where a customer wants to see improvements vs where the organization is allocating resources. Knowing what questions to ask and when to ask them are critical planning steps to gain insights into customer perceptions.

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Five Ways to Use Power Platform to Enhance Employee Experience

With the rapid evolution of the workplace, Employee Experience has become an increasingly important concern for many businesses. It is important to ensure that employees feel empowered, supported and valued. Utilizing technology, like Microsoft’s Power Platform, PowerApps, and Teams can be invaluable when building an exceptional Employee Experience.

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How Organizations are Leveraging Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights

To enable effective customer data gathering and the enablement of personalized experiences, many brands have turned to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights. Dynamics 365 Marketing and CI offers a number of valuable features to brands looking to drive personalization, including data unification of multiple touchpoints, advanced segmentation and AI-driven behavior insights and predictions.

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Customer Experience – Whose Role is it Really?

Organizations often take vastly different approaches to CX roles and responsibilities. Dan Gingiss offers his insight on CX leadership.

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Avtex Helps AllRegs Create a New Application to Support Customers

Working closely with the team at AllRegs, Avtex developed a new Market Clarity application. Built on top of Microsoft platforms, the new application improved the customer experience, delivered enhanced functionality and significantly updated the underlying technology.

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Customer Experience Strategy

Each time a customer engages with your business, their opinion of your brand evolves for better or worse. How can you consistently render experiences that impress customers and inspire engagement and loyalty to your brand? Developing a comprehensive and actionable strategy is the first step in creating experiences that amaze customers.

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Why Speech Analytics is Critical to Your Business

Speech Analytics can completely change how you interact with your customers and the way you train your employees to provide exceptional CX.

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