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Exclusive Offerings for MDC Owners

Members Development Company Credit Unions face unique challenges when servicing their members. In addition to delivering quality services and products, MDC CUs must also provide exceptional experiences each time the member interacts with the organization. Avtex offers the support and service Members Development Company Credit Unions need to transform experiences into true points of differentiation.

Member Experience Journey Mapping Workshop

This 1-day workshop is intended for Credit Unions who are still learning how to effectively map the member journey, or are looking to improve their journey mapping efforts.

Journey Mapping should be a core competency in credit unions who are committed to improving the member experience. However, there are a lot of “flavors” of journey maps, and some are not helpful in supporting member experience design.

During the workshop we'll explore the process of journey mapping, strategies for improving journey maps and steps CUs should take following the journey mapping process.

Equip your organization with journey mapping best practices to ensure that you get the most from your journey mapping efforts.

Travel Expenses Only

Member Experience Design Workshop

This 1-day workshop is designed to help Credit Unions develop the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct truly effective experience design.

Understanding the pain points and moments that matter from your journey maps is a great step toward improving the experience. However, most credit unions merely fix the pain points, and don’t spend time moving beyond to create innovative experiences that differentiate.

During this workshop, we provide insight into the importance of design thinking, as well as the process involved in designing truly memorable member experiences.

Gain the tools and methods associated with experience innovation to elevate the member experience beyond just fixing pain points.

Travel Expenses Only

Omni-Channel “Art of the Possible”

Members expect a seamless cross-channel experience.

This 1-day workshop is designed to help Credit Unions develop a true omni-channel experience by leveraging the technologies you already use. Explore the importance of transparent, seamless, multi-channel communications and strategies for meeting member expectations across channels.

Leverage your current technology investment and deliver a true omni-channel experience for your members.

Travel Expenses Only

Keynote: Member Experience

Kurt Schroeder, Chief Experience Officer at Avtex, is known for his enlightening talks on member experience. His most popular talk is on the importance of “Warmth and Competency” in creating a great member experience.

Kurt's mix of humor and compelling insight is a perfect addition to an employee event or leadership retreat. In addition to “Warmth and Competency” he speaks on “MX is the New Brand”, and several other member experience topics.

Travel Expenses Only
[Non-MDC cost: $5,000]

In-Depth Member Experience Maturity Assessment

Our Member Experience Maturity Assessment is designed to gauge the current state of a Credit Union's member experience efforts.

During the assessment, our experts examine 36 different attributes of a CU's Member Experience maturity and provide specific recommendations for improvement. The work would include in-depth member and employee feedback to create a clear picture of your member experience maturity.

Learn where to concentrate your time and resources to develop your member experience capabilities and move beyond simply finding and fixing pain points. Begin using member experience as a true differentiator.

$10,000 + expenses
[Non-MDC cost: $20,000 to $25,000]

Contact Center Assessment

Our 3-day Contact Center Assessment looks at 12 different factors, including channel optimization, data capture and reporting processes, and agent training and support.

Following the assessment, Credit Unions receive a full break down of the findings, as well as recommendations for improvement, along with an expected ROI forecast.

Avtex has more than 165 credit union contact center customers, and we can help you maximize your contact center investment.

$5,000 + expenses
[Non-MDC Fee: $10,000]

MX Journey Mapping Coaching

Journey mapping is a critical part of member experience strategy, design and improvement. Our MX Journey Mapping Coaching services are designed to help Credit Unions develop the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively map member journeys.

As part of the coaching service, our experts coach your team to develop a usable and credible journey map for a specific member experience, and what to do once the journey map has been created.

A follow up to the Member Experience Design Workshop, this coaching event provides hands-on training to make sure the learnings stick and that your organization is adopting journey mapping as a competency.

$5,000 + expenses
[Non-MDC Fee: $15,000 to $20,000]

Member Experience Analysis

To improve member experiences, a Credit Union must first understand the current state of the experience. Our MX analysis is designed to explore a specific member journey or experience, and to identify areas of improvement or innovation.

The comprehensive MX Assessment includes research and current state journey mapping, experience design planning and a future state journey map. Following the assessment, you will have everything needed to take action to improve or redesign the experience.

An in-depth analysis of a member journey and the associated member experience design improvements.

$50,000 + expenses
[Non-MDC Fee: Up to $100,000]

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