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Avtex and COVID-19 FAQ

These Frequently Asked Questions provide information about how Avtex can support your business during the COVID-19 crisis and what we are doing internally to respond to the situation.

How is Avtex ensuring business continuity for clients?

Avtex is well prepared to continue to provide services to our customers. We believe one of the largest challenges companies will face with the COVID-19 pandemic is how successfully their employees can work from anywhere. Avtex has invested heavily in our infrastructure to ensure that our work force is able to fully work remotely. With an employee base spread across the nation, Avtex operates as a highly digital and agile workforce with 80 percent of our employees working full and part time from home, and has done so for over a decade. Our systems and processes are designed and tuned for this. This is part of our normal culture and we are committed to delivering exceptional experiences throughout this crisis.

Additionally, Avtex maintains Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 attestation. Within this framework is our Disaster Recovery plan that includes a detailed section covering pandemic response. Each year, the IT Operations teams completes disaster recovery testing to validate our plan and make adjustments where necessary. This plan is also reviewed by our external auditors performing our SOC2 Type II audit annually. In short, our operations will persevere throughout this crisis.

I have specific technical questions about empowering my contact center for remote work, where can I find answers?

We have set up a dedicated, living FAQ to assist leaders struggling with the technical implementation of remote contact centers. Due to the evolving focus on remote work during the COVID-19 situation, we will be updating this FAQ with additional questions as they emerge from our clients.

What remote work options are available for our organization?

Whether you’re currently leveraging Genesys PureConnect or Genesys Cloud, we offer a number of rapidly deployable solutions that will prepare your contact center team or entire organization to work remotely, including:

  • WebRTC soft phone at home, powered by Genesys Cloud.
  • Session Border Controllers deployed on premise to connect secure work-at-home SIP phones over the Internet.
  • Remote Station dial-out, to enable your PureConnect system to dial out through the PSTN to reach home users.

How can I learn more about work-from-home solutions to limit the impact of the COVID-19 crisis?

If you have an urgent need, reach out to your Client Account Manager to discuss the most effective solution. Alternatively, attend one of our upcoming emergency webinars. During the webinars, our experts will offer insight into your technical options for quickly deploying your remote workforce.

How can I receive technical support during COVID-19?

Our technical support team has staffed up, and is available 24/7 to respond to your needs. To reach our Technical Support team, call (952) 831-0888, or log in to the Avtex Customer Portal.

What guidance has Avtex given to Employees?

To protect the health of our clients and employees, we are suspending non-essential employee travel as we monitor the progression of this virus. Further, we have instated a mandatory work from home week from March 16 to March 20. Again, we are a highly agile workforce, with the ability to fulfill our client requirements and deliver at a high level from a remote work environment. We are also promoting preventative recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Health Department to our employee base.