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New Vaccine Response Technology Addresses Overwhelming Volume of Patient Inquiries

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – January 13, 2020 – In response to an anticipated influx of questions and requests coming into healthcare organizations about COVID-19 vaccines, Avtex, a customer experience (CX) consulting and technology company, introduced a tech-enabled self-service solution designed exclusively for the management of vaccine inquiries, responses, and routing. The Vaccine Response Program from Avtex includes a cloud-based voicebot and chatbot that can be immediately deployed by health systems, hospitals, clinics, payers, pharmacies, and other healthcare organizations. This technology enables consumers to get answers to more than 100 pre-built questions about COVID-19 vaccines. Pre-built information and responses to questions comes from the healthcare provider community, as well as various public and private sources, combined with step-by-step directions from the healthcare experience design team at Avtex to efficiently deliver a smooth patient experience for consumers seeking information.

“Within 72 hours, the Vaccine Response Program from Avtex can begin to alleviate the pressure on the organizations administering the vaccines and serving patients,” said Mike Pietig, vice president of healthcare experience at Avtex. “After a year of transformational change focused on the experience between patients and their providers, and the growing frustration with long hold times and overwhelmed customer service teams, we’re seeing significant demand for new technologies that can provide immediate relief.”

The pre-populated questions within the Vaccine Response Program are based on data gleaned from Avtex Patient Sentiment Surveys, which pinpointed consumer concerns about in-person visits to providers, and include answers to address the need for such information as:

  • Who will be vaccinated first?
  • Does my provider have vaccine in stock right now?
  • When can I get the vaccine?
  • Is the vaccine covered by my insurance?

The self-service voice and chatbots are housed on the organization’s website to effectively divert live calls about commonly asked questions away from the customer service center, freeing up their capacity and providing an improved patient experience.

Avtex, which provided free software and services to help close to 1,000 healthcare organizations quickly get their contact centers and mission-critical employees working remotely at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and in compliance with stay-at-home orders, is offering discounted licensing and implementation fees for the new Vaccine Response Program as part of the company’s commitment to help stop the spread of the virus.

“Rapid development of the vaccine response program was essential,” said Pietig, who adds that additional enhancements to the technology will soon be available, including a SMS and live customer service agent transfer capabilities.

For more information about the Avtex Vaccine Response Program, contact