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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – November 23, 2020 – Avtex, a customer experience (CX) consulting and technology company, announced today that it will open a Global Delivery Center (GDC) in Hyderabad, India to enhance their support capabilities and service offerings to their clients. The GDC brings Avtex in proximity to a large pool of talent, and the company will invest in the area to create local jobs which will help the company scale and meet its ambitious growth goals.

“We want to be able to grow quickly and in order to do so, we would like to have capabilities offshore to help us be elastic and address demands that we're seeing from our clients and from our sales force nationally,” says George Demou, President and CEO at Avtex. “The Avtex Global Delivery Center will allow us to be nimble and provide the best, most technically advanced resources at the best rate.” The Global Delivery Center will ensure that Avtex is able to scale up when needed, adapt to changing market landscapes and provide competitive pricing while not compromising the value delivered to clients.

Biplab Mandal, Executive Vice President of Services at Avtex, will be overseeing the GDC. Mandal joined Avtex in March of 2020 with more than fifteen years of leadership and experience with transformation, technology, delivery and global operations. Mandal brings experience building global teams, having previously built an over 700-person team in India. “My vision for the Avtex team in India is to build a world class Global Delivery Center that delivers exceptional customer experiences through transformation, orchestration and collaboration,” says Mandal. “I expect our GDC to be a mirror image of Avtex in business functions and structure. Eventually we will have all our business units represented in India, ensuring that the GDC can provide value to our customers as well as the Avtex parent organization.”

By leveraging a highly integrated model with both their North American and Indian teams, Avtex will reduce the time to value for projects and meet growing client demands. This change will also give Avtex access to a larger pool of talented skillsets and deeper omni-channel expertise, as well as an opportunity to build on their extensive IP faster than ever before. The Avtex Global Delivery Center will also expand managed services capabilities for global clients that need 24/7 support services.