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MINNEAPOLIS, October 6, 2021 – Avtex, a TTEC Digital Company, is a finalist for the Minnesota Technology Association 2021 Tekne Awards in the Digital Marketing category. For the past two decades, the Tekne Awards have recognized organizations that are leading-edge innovators in science and technology throughout Minnesota. The 2021 Tekne Awards celebration on Nov. 17 will reveal winners among the finalists in 13 categories.

Avtex is a finalist in the Digital Marketing award category for their work with Chipotle, helping them to deliver brand loyalty through developing and nurturing strong relationships with their customers. Chipotle turned to Avtex to build a solution that would capture and analyze more comprehensive customer information and insights, to empower a more meaningful and personalized customer experience with every individual engaging with their brand. Through expert consultation and implementation of Microsoft Customer Insights, Avtex helped Chipotle build systems and processes that allowed them to them translate data into actionable insights on their customer and segments. As a result, Chipotle has amplified their ability to deliver richer, more meaningful experiences that support customer loyalty, retention and brand advocacy.

“As the first partner to implement Microsoft’s Customer Insights in the U.S., we were in a great position to partner with Chipotle,” says Steve Thompson, EVP of Sales at Avtex. “Our consulting team took the extra step to truly understand Chipotle’s data and work with them to bring the data together. Now with a unified view of their customers across multiple sources of data, they have a deeper understanding of customers’ channel preferences and personal information, so they can engage them in more personalized ways.”

“Each year, the Tekne Awards celebrate Minnesota’s leaders and innovators in the technology field,” said Jeff Tollefson, president and CEO of MnTech. “Even amidst an ongoing pandemic, we are excited to recognize these companies and their efforts in spearheading technology and innovation both locally and globally.”

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