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Innovation Voice of Customer for Contact Centers

Access world-renowned VoC technology and CX expertise to amplify and differentiate experiences across every interaction channel, informed by direct-from-customer insights.

Transform Interaction Experiences and CX with Direct-from-Customer Insights

With expanding interaction channels and evolving customer expectations it is harder than ever to deliver a high-value service experience to every customer, across every channel.

Avtex VoC for Contact Centers offers a solution to this growing challenge. This customer feedback program provides deep insights into the experience wants and needs of your customers and contact center agents, to bridge the gap between CX expectations and outcomes.

Key Features of Voice of Customer for Contact Centers

360-Degree Partnership Icon

360-Degree Partnership

Dedicated support and consultation ensure maximization of all tools and strategies from implementation to success tracking
Advanced Analytics Icon

Advanced Analytics

AI and machine learning capabilities uncover trends and key insights from solicited and unsolicited feedback
Reporting Automation Icon

Reporting Automation

Real-time feedback, updates, and program results, reported within agent-level and manager-level dashboards
Unique Survey Technology Icon

Unique Survey Technology

Fully customizable surveys with real-time automation and machine learning capabilities, including recommendations on how to enhance questions, increase response rates, and improve the quality of your feedback data
Full-Scope CX Consultation Icon

Full-Scope CX Consultation

Expanded CX expertise and consultation provided by Avtex, including VoC analysis and application, CX design thinking, change management, strategic planning, journey understanding, and future-state roadmapping
Smart Technology Icon

Smart Technology

The Qualtrics CustomerXM platform automatically analyzes data across your contact center platforms to identify and surface experience gaps, customer feedback, and indicators of satisfaction and churn

Voice of Customer for Contact Centers Components

Avtex Voice of Customer for Contact Centers Roadmap

Why Voice of Customer for Contact Centers?

Customer-Driven CX

Address direct-from-customer needs and challenges to meet – or even exceed – expectations in every interaction

Experience Optimization

Spot emerging trends in interaction behaviors and journeys to update and optimize your experience delivery

Customer Loyalty

Drive higher satisfaction and loyalty by resolving issues throughout your omnichannel contact center experience

Agent Coaching & Enablement

Identify support needs and training opportunities for your agents through interaction and individual performance tracking

Deepened Insights

Measure CX across all contact center channels and touchpoints

Vision Alignment

Uncover experience gaps and opportunities across your contact center operations, and track against overall CX vision and goals

Are you utilizing insights from your existing VoC program to improve the customer journey?

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